Note that this video was recorded in the days before the Kindle was invented.

Note also that I was planning that the novel I am only just finishing 15 more books later was alluded to way back then!

100 years of ermintrude

One family : three lives : 99 stanzas

Three intertwining life stories told in poetry.

Just imagine living your life backwards or knowing how many months you had left to live. Would that change how you lived your life now?

This was the book I wrote by accident at 39,000 feet above the Atlantic in a 747.

Ermintrude on the Kindle100 Years of Ermintrude is a book of meditative poetry and my first real foray into the world of publishing.

It comprises three intertwining life stories and is told in just 99 stanzas. Although it can be read in less than an hour, it’s something that will stay with you forever and you will want to read again.

‘Ermintrude’ started life as a PDF, morphed into an MP3 download and MP4 Jackanory-style video, before I wrote the two sequels and made it as an author in print for the first time.

My publisher since went bust, never paid me my royalties and I’ve been so busy on other books I haven’t got round to getting it back in print – it did it’s job, got me writing and launched several new careers for me !!!!

It is however now available for the Kindle and Kindle Readers!

Find out why this story is making grown men cry, mothers smile and children laugh and one man said, “Stunning. I cried. That’s all.”

“One Hundred Years of Ermintrude is a great bang for the buck. Different, thought-provoking, and fun. Enjoy.”

“Captures the zeitgeist of every age. Fabulous interlocking group of stories told in poetic form.”

“Inspiring, moving, emotional, poignant and full from cover to cover with the most amazing energy. Thank you Tom. I am a different person for having read 100 Years of Ermintrude.”

“Truly a touching piece of work and artistry wonderfully complimented by the guitar music. Thought provoking to the extent I just wanted to ‘hug’ someone.”