flavours of thought

Not all thoughts are necessarily what you might call your own.

Our brain is as much a receiver as it is a generator of thought forms.

It is also the receiver and processor of sense impressions and flashes of inspiration.

Flavours of Thought is now in its third edition with new recipes

We go about our days not giving our thoughts a second thought. This is a real shame as our thoughts fundamentally changes the world around us.

Flavours of Thought is a book on mindfulness not quite like any other. Indeed, it’s really about mind-full-ness!

It is a contemporary deconstruction and exposition of the true meanings and messages contained in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each key of the Tarot describes a mode of human thought.

This book also contains real magic in the form of modern day spells (called Recipes) that really work to improve your life beyond all recognition.

It is therefore a book of transformation.

In Part 1 of Flavours of Thought, our thoughts processes are divided into groups of three, namely Ethereal Whispers, Unconscious Murmurs and Directives. Each group is then further divided into seven flavours.

By thinking about our each of our thoughts as having one of these 21 flavours, a transformation happens. We start to realise we are not a slave to them anymore and they will yield to our will and direction.

Part 11 of the book, Recipes for Fresh Thinking, then shows how these 21 flavours can be combined into 28 sample recipes (there are billions of other permutations) to tackle common issues like self-anger all the way through to finding your soul path.

This second edition now includes seven new Chef’s Special recipes and a new Part 111 on Practical Floughtology. This new section shows you how to concoct your own recipes and contains sample recipes you can use in business and to create abundance.

What readers are already saying about it …

“This has become my ‘go to’ book for when I need help with my feelings and emotions.” – Dr Linda Mallory, Educational Psychologist

“The simplicity of this book belies its power as it is crafted from ancient wisdom but in a modern context. This book is intrinsically simple. Simple to read; simple to understand; simple to apply. Its simplicity is what makes it genius.” – Jackie Walker

“A unique, insightful and thoroughly enjoyable read. If there is a more accessible way of accessing and understanding these issues then I have not, as yet, come across it. By using the analogy of combining ingredients to make recipes, Tom has opened up a perspective to our thoughts, emotions and behaviour that is  compelling. – Phil Birch, author of Ethiconomics

“You know how you just kind of ‘know’ that there is something out there? How you believe synchronicity exists and that ideas float in and out of our brains, often reappearing , for a reason? This book helps us to make sense of those vague feelings that can send tingles up our spine and hearts racing. It can put words to our thoughts and add reason to our random thoughts. It helps make the seemingly illogical logical. This is a book that I would return to again and again. It’s modern wisdom in a nutshell. Bitesized chunks of meaty inspiration in a sauce of common sense. Reading it tickles the tastebuds and makes us hungry for more. Like the best food it needs to be enjoyed slowly, each morsel chewed over and over, as each flavour is extracted and its essence absorbed.” – Jo Parfitt, author and author’s coach

“Oh my you are brilliant with your wit and insight!” – Tim Johnson, Director of Strategy, 4Networking Ltd

“Anti-perception is an intriguing concept and just one of the many gems to be found in Flavours of Thought which is a delightfully simple journey into personal development. The book can be used to build a much larger and more powerful framework that I believe hints at an even greater innovation which surprisingly is not often found in the personal development industry. I thoroughly recommend you read it and judge for yourself.” – Bill Liao, Founder of WeForest.com

“It is the deceptive power in its apparent simplicity which allows Flavours of Thought to be easily accessible to both beginners and time served devotees of personal development work. The book is cleverly engineered and crafted to produce light bulb moments (or understanding) whether it’s being read cover to cover, dipped into randomly or as an aide memoir when required. I do all three …. often!” – Jackie Walker, Edinburgh

“It’s brilliant! I love the idea of thinking about thoughts in a way that encourages my intuition, without embroiling me in my intellect.” – Kuumba Nia, author of The Circle of One