new magic for a new era

Discover how to live a charmed life.

Find out too that there is no need to go to hell and back on the path to enlightenment – unless you want to.

Just imagine a life where opportunity comes to your door.

This is a book of magic.

If you want to know how to bring money, love, good health and luck into your life, it explains how.

It is full of practical, real world advice and is brimming with insight and erudition.

If you’ve ever experienced anything out of the ordinary that you can’t readily explain, you may well find answers here.

Many personal development books recount how some enlightenment can be gained by encountering and overcoming some adversity or setbacks. By going to the edge and coming back, we can often help others in similar predicaments by sharing our experiences.This book takes a different approach by exploring the notion that life doesn’t have to be intrinsically tough, unless we want it to be.

Just imagine all that your heart desires just turning up.

Just imagine having as much time as you need.

Just imagine a life without dis-ease and one full of joy and ease.

The idea that we can only reap rewards through hard work and graft is one we can now leave behind. Each and every one of us can live a charmed life.

The New Magic referred to in the title is only Old Magic that we can now understand, comprehend and invoke with the advantage of 20:20 hindsight.