Planes of Being

by Elvira Villarini in conversation with Tom Evans

planes of being

We are multi-dimensional beings experiencing a three dimensional world, with a forward arrow of time.

This is a consensual illusion that allows us to enjoy a form of heaven on earth.

When we realise that this is how we operate, the door is opened to a whole new way to be.

Planes of BeingOn one level, Planes of Being is an exploration of true meaning behind the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. As such, it is the natural sequel to Flavours of Thought which similarly deconstructed the Major Arcana.

On a whole other level, it is an exploration of how humanity got here and where it is going as we edge closer to a state called the Merged Mind …

The book doesn’t focus so much on the meanings, symbology and metaphors of the specific imagery in any particular set of cards. Rather it exposes the original meanings of the structure and numerology of the deck.

“Another mind-bending, inspired, inspiring read from Tom Evans! He takes the Minor Arcana of the Tarot into totally new realms – get ready for a wild ride”

Chapter Listing

Part 1 : Through the Illusion

I : Behind The Veil
II : Thoughts from Higher Dimensions
III : A Brief History of Mind
IV : The Immaterial World
V : The Plane of Archetypes
VI : The Seeds of Creation
VII : The Formative Plane
VIII : The Material World
IX : Strangers in a Flatland
X : Signs and Symbols
XI : Leaving Cubeland

Part 11 : The Return to the Adytum

XII : The Nascent Mind
XIII : The Flow of Thought
XIV : Plane Interaction
XV : Your Inner Oracle
XVI : Through the Veil
XVII : Lucid Awakening
XVIII : Even Greater Openness
XIX : Magical Living
XX : Beings of Karma
XXI : Deathless Reincarnation
XXII : The Merged Mind

Part 111 : After Words

XXIII : Keeping It Simple
XXIV : Spelling It Out
XXV : The Flavours of Thought
XXVI :The Essence of the Minor Arcana
XXVII : The Lost Arcana