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The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness

My latest book is something rather special! It's the first book I have simultaneously published in print, for ereaders and as an audiobook. The reason being is that it's not just a book but a meditative experience.

Not only will you learn practical applications for mindfulness but the ten accompanying visualisations will help you experience a deep meditative state first hand. The book is short and doesn't take long to read. What you will pick up from the meditations will stay with you forever!

The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness on KindleIt is becoming well accepted and understood how our well-being benefits from the regular practice of mindfulness meditation.

This book explores how even more tangible benefits can be delivered from just treating yourself to 10 minutes of ‘me time’ each day.

Just imagine having more time in each day and clients and opportunities finding you. Just imagine being able to tap into unlimited inspiration.


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The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness: How to Improve Your Productivity, Creativity and Focus by Slowing Down for Just 10 Minutes a DayALSO AVAILABLE IN AUDIOBOOK FORMAT

For a fully immersive experience, take the book in a chapter at a time, followed by 10 minutes of Me Time meditating.

Length: 3 hrs and 17 mins 
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What’s in the book?

As a picture tells 1000 words, this Mind Map gives a sneak peak of what’s in the book as well as details of the 10 accompanying meditations.

Authority Guide Mind Map

… and listen to the first of the ten accompanying meditations here

What readers are saying …

Your work is very inspiring. I continue to listen to at least one of the ten meditations daily and I love them; in fact, my mind has come to crave them! Sometimes I’ll be having a rough moment and I think “I need one of Tom’s meditations right now!” I used to consistently reach for a cookie, now I crave mindfulness meditation. What progress!
Dr Ashley Curiel – Clinical Psychologist, Beverley Hills

Tom Evans is a creative and original thinker, and this approach to mindfulness is one more excellent example. His approach is both practical and easy to follow. I think what I like the most about the book is that it doesn’t just introduce the reader to mindfulness and meditation but with its companion visualisations, he shows you how to experience the meditative state first hand. When you discover the expanded world awaiting you as a result of just 10 minutes of daily meditation, you will wonder why it took you so long to make this breakthrough.
Lance Secretan – Founder & CEO, The Secretan Center

“This is no ordinary mindfulness or meditation guide, for they are already on every street corner. This is distilled wisdom beautifully packaged to allow you to harness and direct the immense power you already have within you to much, much better effect. If you are ready for a step change in your life, take this book and devour it over and over. You’ll not be disappointed; the promise of improved productivity, creativity and focus is just the starting point. A turbocharged meaningful life is on offer here”
Tim Johnson, author of The Success Book

“Just 10 days after getting hold of this book, and listening to the 10 minute meditations each day, I feel like I have opened the door into a new world. This book packs so much into a small package. My mind has never been more alive!”
Doug New, Creator of The Infin8 Vision

“A great book from a meditation master. Love it!”
Richard Barrett, Chairman and Founder of the Barrett Values Centre