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This We Are Audiobook

This We Are is now available in audiobook format through Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

In less than two hours, it will open your eyes and your mind as to your true capabilities as a human being, incarnated on Earth at this special time.

Find out how you are so much more than you think you are.

Also available on iTunes

This We AreThis We Are is the sequel to This We Know – and the second in the New Era a trilogy.

Like This We Know, I didn’t plan to write it, it just paid a visit one day unexpectedly.

In the same way that This We Know explores what we know, what we don’t know and what we could know, This We Are challenges the status quo of what we are.

Perhaps unlike any other species on the planet, we have the ability and ‘smarts’ to influence our own evolution and future. This doesn’t require manipulation of DNA either. Merely by thinking and using our imagination, we can change our course.

Naturally, if you want to live in a world at war, with hunger and poverty matched with obesity and greed, that’s permitted too!

This We Are is now available in Kindle format and  in print.

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