Meditations to Make Your Day Go Well

This is a set of meditations to help your days go well. There are some for the start of the day, some for a middle of the day reset and some to close your day down nicely and set up for a lovely day ahead.

Here’s some general guidelines to help you get the best from listening.

  • Ensure you have some uninterruptible minutes set aside
  • You can listen to them in any order
  • They are best listened to on headphones
  • You can listen to them at any time of the day
  • You can sit upright or lie down
  • It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep
  • It’s not a good idea to listen to them while driving, or operating machinery

Enjoy !

Just for Today

This visualisation is a great way to ‘start’ each and every day. Just for today, as you start on this new exploration into the world of mindfulness, make a note of a few things you want to stop doing.


The hypnopompic state is that luxurious time between being asleep and being awake. Give yourself a treat first thing in the morning and stay in this state for a little longer.

The Well of Emotions

Take a journey into a clearing in a wood to drop unwanted emotional baggage into a well.

A Snoozitation

This simple meditation, or snoozitation, is designed to help you ease into a recharging Power Nap in the middle of the day should your energies flag or you need some insight. It can also be used to get you back to sleep in the middle of the night. There’s just a few minutes of gentle guidance followed by 22 minutes of relaxing ambient music.

Just for Tomorrow

This visualisation helps the most perfect tomorrow to arrive. You might like to listen to this towards the end of the day. Just for today, write down three things you would like to happen tomorrow.

The Perfect Way to Get to Sleep

This was one of the first meditations I uploaded to Insight Timer. It has been listened to well over 1 million times.


This gentle soundscape is designed to ease you into slumber. It contains a few loving words of guidance at the beginning before leaving you wrapped up in a sonic blanket. Give gratitude for the day just gone, manifest the perfect tomorrow, all seeded by your dreams.