Tom is a speaker who seemlessly integrates live meditation with edutaining content about how the mind works.

Opening, or closing, a conference with a meditation puts delegates in the perfectly relaxed place to absorb information.

Speaking, Talks and Workshops

Tom is one of the most popular meditation guides on the Insight Timer app and the creator of the courses The Art of Timefulness and Mindfulness for Busy People. People like his sense of humour and how he makes the practice of mindfulness fun, relevant and accessible.

He is the author of Managing Time Mindfully, The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness and many other books.

If you would like to experience Tom live, he is available to speak to groups about any topic covered in his books, meditations and self-study courses.

Attendees of his talks and workshops always leave much more relaxed, and ‘en-lightened’, than when they arrive.

Example keynotes – 15-45 minutes:

  • 10 Minutes of Me Time – the personal and business benefits of daily meditation
  • The Magic of Aha – five ways to have light bulb moments on demand
  • The Business of Mindfulness – how a business can operate smarter, leaner and kinder in the 21st century

Example workshop themes – half, full or multi-day:

  • Always making the right decision
  • Getting in the zone and making ideas actually happen
  • Slowing down is the new speeding up
  • How mindfulness leads to timefulness which then leads to kindfulness
  • Why it’s madness not to meditate

If you’re looking for a mind-opening keynote talk, or workshop, to incentivise and transform your team, Tom is an engaging and inspiring speaker who takes attendees on mind-opening rides of the imagination. His approach is particularly relevant to creative teams, teachers and coaches and entrepreneurs who want to be ahead of the pack.

Attendee Takeaways

For keynotes and workshops, there are many optional benefits for attendees:

  • One of Tom’s books relevant to the talk
  • A multiday series of meditations
  • Self-study multimedia courses

Get in touch if you’d like an exploratory chat

What previous clients have said …

“Thank you so much for all that you’ve done to make GROW a success. You are a wonderful human being and I know I speak for the whole team when I say we are so grateful to have worked with you for the past 3 years.” – Katrina Delossantos

“Thank you so much for such an excellent presentation yesterday on Slowing Down is the New Speeding Up. You fully embraced our brief and the verbal feedback we are getting from those that attended is excellent. We can’t believe how much you fitted into your presentation and your blended approach between talking and activities was perfect.” – Serena Cunningham, South East Coaching & Mentoring CPD

“The group truly loved it. I think you’ve converted a bunch of hard-working advertising executives to meditators — well done! You really had an impact so thank you so much for coming and doing what you do. It worked!” – Joey Fitzsimmons, Oath

“It was a great session and being a trance junkie it was lovely to go into the zone! I did NOT want to come back into the room. What I really liked was how comfortable you are with yourself. It could have been a daunting prospect standing in front of some highly qualified clinicians.” – Laura Murphy, The Association for Business Psychology