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The next twelve steps in this programme are a distillation of years and years of metaphysical research and study on my part. As we go along, I will share pointers of where I found the information from so you can dive deeper if you wish. What I have done though is to make what I have learned simple and I have demystified the mystical using plain language.

  • Step One : Soul Audit
  • Step Two : Awakening
  • Step Three : Formation
  • Step Four : Realisation
  • Step Five : Rebirth
  • Step Six : Advancement
  • Step Seven : Initiation
  • Step Eight : Self Mastery
  • Step Nine : Plane Mastery
  • Step Ten : Entering Service
  • Step Eleven : The Synthesis
  • Step Twelve : Eight Corners

The Path of Return Step Zero

The Spiral of KarmaWelcome to this series and this free module.

You can think of our karmic journey as a spiral where we can choose the direction of travel.

We can opt to descend and visit adversity or to ascend to experience enlightenment – neither route is right or wrong, there is no judgement.

CAVEAT : This step is completely free. For some of you, it may be all you are ready for at this stage and you can decide to stop here and not progress to the next steps. If lack of funds prevent you from proceeding, it is often a sign to hold progress. It is my aim however that you will unlock many alchemical secrets where true abundance, of all kinds, flows your way.

CAVEAT : You may have come across some of these materials before in other courses. This combination and these versions are special to this step and they are worth doing again and together.

Yoga ManMeditation : Awaken Your Inner Magician

This meditation is the precursor to the most wondrous journey – a journey where you become a fully awakened sourceress or sourcerer as you travel on your Path of Return.

It contains a set of preliminary keys that we will expand upon as we take a deeper dive into the course. When it comes to awakening, it is important to take your time and to allow the unfolding to come in its own time.

Task 1 : What’s Stopping You?

First let’s have a look at external factors that are limiting you from being productive. In your journal make a list of the following:

How much more time do you need every day?

  • When do you want this extra time to appear? – yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, next month
  • Could you do with some more money? -If so, how much? – And when do you want it by?

What people are a drain on your resources?

– list them by name if it helps

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Your boss
  • Suppliers

What skills are you missing that will help you be more productive?

  • Social skills
  • Technical skills
  • Creative skills
  • Business skills

What external events or circumstances aren’t ideal at the moment?

  • Local events
  • National events
  • Global events

Task 2 : What’s Really Stopping You?

So in the first task, we looked at the external factors that are in our way. Of course, it is easy to blame our lack of performance on others. The real stealer of our time is US !! So let’s look inside at the real blockages to our creativity. In your journal, note down answers to these questions.

Losing the fear of the unknown

  • What don’t you know that you wish you did?
  • How does not knowing hold you back?
  • How can not knowing harm you?
  • What would happen if you were truly fear-less?

Banishing the fear of failure

  • Note down some times when you failed
  • What happened when you last failed?
  • How did you feel?
  • What is your avoidance strategy?
  • How could you see your failure in a positive light?

Removing the fear of ridicule

  • Note down some times when you made a fool of yourself
  • What happened when you were last embarrassed?
  • How did you feel?
  • What is your avoidance strategy?
  • What do these feelings tell you about you?

Dealing with the fear of success

  • Why might you not want to succeed?
  • What happened last time you were successful to now make you avoid it?
  • What success avoidance strategies do you now use?
  • How could you redefine success so it wasn’t so scary?

Yoga ManMeditation : Becoming Fear-less

When you’ve completed the exercise above, listen to this visualisation to let the fears that are stopping you vapourise forever.

Make a note in your journal of how you feel before, during and after it.

Task 3 : Voiding Karma

When we set goals based on what we want to learn, as opposed to targets we want to get to, something magical happens. We begin to deal with our karmic mission. Rather than a-voiding what we came to learn and to be, we void it.

Either in your journal, or using the mind map template below, list what you would like to learn by the end of each of
these time periods.

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 12 months
  • 2 years

I am a great believer in win-win situations so also list any blocks you currently perceive are preventing you from living a life of your dreams.

Next, let’s go for a win-win-win and also list any habits, or patterns, you would like leave behind as a result of gaining these learnings and clearing these blocks.

Right-click to download and print out …
Goals of Learning

Yoga ManMeditation : Future Entanglement

This visualisation embeds the goals that you wrote in your journal, or on the Mind Map, of the last task into your neurology.

Once you set goals, based on what you want to learn, you become luckier. Knowing that the most perfect future will arrive allows us to relax and to become better able to spot when the right serendipities arrive at your door.

Bonus Task : Creating a To Love List

It’s said that when we love what we do, we will never work another day in our lives again. So gather your To Do lists together and two blank sheets of paper and you are about to start living a live you love.

Bonus Meditation : A Journey to the Akashic

It is postulated that before we incarnate, and after we shed our mortal coil, we visit a place called the Akashic Records Office. It is a place where our karmic missions are planned and reviewed. Take a trip there now and be sure to note down in your journal anything that comes up for you.

What’s Next?

In Step One : Soul Audit, you will be introduced to a tool that will help you assess where you are on your soul path and help you work out how to take the next steps.

Each next step along the Path of Return is individually priced and available on a DonationWare basis. You pay what you can afford and what you feel is right for each step. Click the image below to access the next step and to choose how much you would like to invest in your evolution.

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