Soulwaves : Insertions

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Soulwaves : Insertions

“This book is a scintillating journey, a brilliantly woven, multi-dimensional tapestry. Every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter, became an exotically logical, mystical stretch for my imagination, which raced to keep up. Thank you for this extraordinarily rich and provokingly enjoyable work.”

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About The Book

Soulwaves : Insertions is a book comprising 12 short stories. They are wild rides of imagination.

It is both the prequel and sequel to the novel Soulwaves : A Future History. The stories straddle the present day and stretch from the beginning to the end of time in this particular Universe.

Discover how life may have started and might end on Earth. Learn how humans got the word and became self-aware. Find out how affairs on planet Earth, and in the Density, are influenced by benevolent intelligences that sit in the Void.

Insertions describe twelve different ways this intelligence enters the Density when the course of history, and humanity, requires a nudge and a redirection. If you have ever felt your strings were being pulled, these short stories will open your mind to new possibilities and new thinking.

Nothing in this book, or the novel Soulwaves : A Future History, is true. Neither is it necessarily false.

What’s inside

Insertion 1 : The Scroll

“This is going to hurt.”

These were the last words I remember before the accident. The rest was a blur.

The taste of blood in my mouth. Feeling loose teeth. The pain in both my arms. Seeing a bone sticking out of my leg. Thanking god my helmet lessened the blow to my head. Worrying about my new electric bike.

An elderly woman coming towards me from her car, “I didn’t see you. I am so sorry.”

The paramedics asking, “Pamela, stay with us.”

The neck brace going on. The mask being placed over my mouth. Feeling almost with whatever gas they were giving me. Then the pain dissipating before I lost consciousness.

I have no memory of getting to the hospital or going into the operating theatre.

The next thing I remember was floating above my body seeing a throng of doctors and nurses patching me up. Just vague memories of what was said.

“We’re losing her!”


It must have been about then that I went through the Light Tunnel and emerged in a Chamber.

tbc …



Humanity is on the cusp of a transition from being planetary abusers into being planetary caretakers. This book carries a message for our time as we are about to undergo an awakening. The signs are clear to see for all other than those who are happy to bury their heads in the sand.

About the author.

Tom Evans Speaker

Tom Evans is the author of many books on mindfulness, metaphysics and philosophy. He is an internationally recognised meditation guide and ambient music composer.

His latest works of fiction are out of this world, paradigm-shifting and mind-opening. Their genre is Metaphysical and Visionary fiction. They tell of an alternate and possible future and paint a picture of a past which meta-physicians will be comfortable with but that may irk a materialist scientist. The aim is not to disrupt and usurp but to postulate that not all we see is quite as we see it.

Tom’s first career was in broadcast television. He has switched his attention from the magic of TV to the magic of the mind.

Töm Evans

“This was a first for me – Insertions was my first audiobook – I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and deep wisdom held within. Forget about binge watching, with these short stories, I ended up binge listening.”

“Wow Tom, you have an amazing imagination. Your stories are mind-opening and world-changing. On Soundwise, I love how I can ask you questions as I go along and interact with the other listeners too.”

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