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  • Soulwaves : Insertions (short stories)
  • Soulwaves : A Future History (novel)
  • Soulwaves : Ambient Album (relaxing music)
  • Soulwaves : The Podcast (enlightened conversations)
  • The Soul-full Path (meditations)
  • This We Know (philosophy)
  • This We Are (philosophy)
  • The Germinatrix (short stories)
  • One Hundred Years of Ermintrude (short story)
  • 21 Day Meditation Re-treat (mind-opening meditations)
  • Living Timefully (24 x 1 minute time tips)

Over the coming year, you will get access to:

  • The Soulwaves Insertions : Ambient Album
  • The Soulwaves Insertions : Numerological Meditations
  • The serialisation of the third book in the Soulwaves anthology : The Duadex
  • An exclusive non-fiction audiobook on how to connect with your muse
  • The new Soulwaves podcast, with some amazing guests
  • and some stuff that I don’t even know I will be generating – yet!

* there will be at least one new content nugget every week

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“Forget about binge watching. Since I subscribed to these Soundcasts, I’ve been binge listening. Your storytelling style just draws me in.”

“This was a first for me – Insertions was my first audiobook – I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and deep wisdom held within ”

“Wow Tom, you have an amazing imagination. Your stories are mind-opening and world-changing. I love how I can ask you questions as I go along.”