The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness Meditations

The Authority Guide to Practical MindfulnessIf you have found this page, it means you’ve just been reading The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness. Many thanks for investing in it and I hope you found it useful.

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As it mentions in the book, it is a practical guide. So rather than just explaining how mindfulness meditation can be used for real world outcomes, the book comes with 10 guided meditative visualisations to give you first hand experience.

You will get instant access to all 10 meditations but, for best results, it’s a good idea to listen to one a day.

Yoga PoseYour visualisation journey:

  • Day 1 : Just for Today
  • Day 2 : Just Breathe
  • Day 3 : Just a Thought
  • Day 4 : Just Musing
  • Day 5 : Just Illuminate
  • Day 6 : Just a Moment
  • Day 7 : Just for Tomorrow
  • Day 8 : Just Imagine
  • Day 9 : Just Love
  • Day 10 : Just Be

“I love the voice and the gentle music and the advice on questioning thoughts is invaluable.”

“Thank you for more splendid guided meditations. What you say seems so simple and obvious yet is something that so few of us ever realise.”
“I love every one of your meditations and your soothing voice and music.”

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