A Weller BeingA Weller Being

This course in healing is based on two simple premises.

First, the best way to keep well is not to get ill in the first place

Second, the secret to maintaining our wellbeing is to take ownership of dis-ease and illness that comes to visit

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The course comes with both riders and caveats !

I am not a trained medical practitioner and not really fully trained in any healing modality to speak of.

I just seem to be blessed with a gift that seems to help some, but not all, people.

This gift does not come from me but through me – i.e. it has been conferred on me.

As I was not born with this gift, I know two things :

1. Everybody is capable of being a healer

2. Nobody does the healing but the person being healed

Although I personally go to a doctor as a last resort, I have to advise that you consult with a professionally qualified medical professional if you are ill.

And note, I would be the first to go to hospital with a broken limb or see a doctor if my pain was severe or concerning.

Triad of Health Why We Get Ill

Illness or dis-ease is a sign something is amiss in our lives.

We might be out of balance physically, emotionally or mentally or with our internal biochemistry.

If one of these parameters is weakened, it tends to trigger imbalances in the others.

This short video introduces the philosophy behind this course …

The Life Breath

The breath does more than keep use alive, it is a motive force that can be used to heal.

Note that breathing in for pain inside the body seems to work best. For pains in our limbs, try reversing the procedure and breath the healing energy out into the appendage. The out breath can also be used when healing others.

OSAMEau de Vie

Water is the conductor of the Universal Mind-stuff.

We can charge it with energy, transmute, drink it and then transmute ourselves. In this example, we use the healing energy symbol OSAM shown here.

Before watching this video, download the file below and print it out then have a glass of water and a coaster ready.

DOWNLOAD of OSAM image for printing

Being Fearless

Fears are generally a Good Thing. They warn us of danger or of situations that are not healthy for us.

Over time, if we harbour fears that are irrational, they can prevent us from evolving and eventually may lead to ill health.

This short video explains how to deal with the kind of fears that hold us back.

In addition, you may find listening to this audio visualisation provides an alternative and deeper way of allowing your fears to dissipate

Time to Heal

This video uses a technique I know works face to face and over Skype and Zoom. It is an experiment to see how well it works when recorded and watched in playback. Please either email me with your feedback and experiences.