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Free Monthly Webinar

In this month's webinar, I will be revealing the benefits to be had from mastering your minds.

It will help you unravel and understand how our brains interpret and receive thought forms.
Here's what you can expect when you get your thoughts under control:

  • Increased Vitality
  • Increased Creativity
  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Quality of Output
  • Permanent Connection to Your Muse
  • Ease of Spotting Signs
  • Oodles of Serendipity & Luck
  • Always Making the Right Decision

Places are strictly limited so signing up early is advised. These webinars will be on the last Friday of every month.

Upcoming themes:

  • Slowing Down is the New Speeding Up
  • The Magic of Aha Moments
  • Getting Your Book to Write Itself
  • Awakening Your Inner Magician

Living Timefully

Are you struggling to get everything done and do you want more hours in your day?

My new Living Timefully self study course is time management but not-as-you-know-it. By changing the speed and the nature of our thoughts, we can control the speed at which times passes by us.
Find out how to get and stay in 'The Zone' so you can double or triple your creative output. Discover too how to be in the right place at just the right time, which of course saves you bags of time. Learn how to control your Personal Time Machine - Your Mind.

My Magical Week

The days of our week are pretty arbitrary. Only humans use them and they are based on the names of gods as explained in this short video. As they are arbritary, as per the example in the video, we can hijack them for our own individual use. So, I’ve come up with a yet another way to run my week using a different tack and leaning that I will adopt…

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The Power of the Placebo Effect

Some remarkable research is being done into the power of the placebo. It used to be thought that they only work if the person taking them didn’t know that they were taking a ‘dummy’ pill. Now it appears that they work if we do know it’s ‘just a placebo’ and not the ‘real thing’. Some amazing people in the US, Prosper Nwankpa and Daniel Jacobs, have built an inspirational site…

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Seven Secrets of Temporal Alchemy

Some years ago, time began to take on an unusual quality for me. On a past life regression course I attended, I spontaneously found myself with the ability to see through time. I found I could see past and future lives in peoples’ auras. I’ve since discovered virtually everyone can do this too. I’ve experienced time slips including jumps forwards by some minutes and jumps backwards some seconds. Time it appears not to be as fixed as is thought. Times certainly are a changin’. I found these phenomena curious and, as an engineer, I felt urged to come up with practical applications … all of which I find myself teaching these days. 1. Channelling Your Future Self There is a version of you in the future who knows what you…

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