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Latest Memes and Musings

The Gift of More Time

I woke up one morning last week with an idea. I realised that my Living Timefully Self Study programme could really benefit those facing life threatening conditions. Less than a week later, that idea has been realised. It is now available completely free of charge to anyone with a terminal illness – and people have…

The Noos Channel

I am really honoured and excited to be a member of a new group of authors with a ‘publisher’ called Avanoo who has introduced quite a revolutionary model. For starters, the ‘publisher’ doesn’t create books but ‘Noos’ which are 2 to 3 minute audio delights to open minds and expand horizons … … and ‘readers’…

What is Channelling?

In this month’s webinar on the 28th November, I’ll be explaining how to channel a book (or anything creative – be it words, music, art or even science). In this short interview, Ursula O’Connnell asks who and what I channel and how I got into channelling … listen to ‘What is Channelling?’ on audioBoom and…

The Breath Clock

Biologists have a pretty good handle on the purpose and function of the breath. On the in breath, we take oxygen on board and on the out breath, we expel toxic carbon dioxide. If our lungs are clogged, our airways are blocked or our air supply removed, it doesn’t bode well for us. Breathing is…