The Keys to Wisdom

The Keys to Wisdom

Key to the Wisdom of AgesSo I am just embarking on moonth 4 of what I knew would be a 24 moonth project. Today sees the publication of more materials for those walking the Path To Overstanding with me.

The whole project is mind mapped out so I can ‘see’ all the elements of the Path. It does indeed integrate many areas of my knowledge and wisdom. It is however much bigger than that as many of the individual components only get revealed to me on a ‘moonth by moonth’ basis.

To reiterate, and as shown in the diagram above, on each New Moon, I publish a thought piece about the Path along with some Overtasking. Each 1st quarter sees the release of one of 23 meditations on the keys of the Major Arcana, inspired by the augmented keys from the Tarot of Overstanding. On each Full Moon, I release an ambient track similarly inspired from my third album, Arcanum. Then, on the 3rd quarter, I share a conversation with a Like Mind to give us a different perspective and to widen our understanding of the cosmos. These I call Uberstanding.

A daunting project you might think. Well firstly, with the Moon, as my time piece, I have not missed a publication date yet. I also kept this up during 2021 with a similarly structured 13 moonth project, namely Soulwaves : Insertions. Secondly, I have a guide to help me show the way in the Earth Plane and who knows what guidance from the Council of the Light in The Void.

The Key to the Wisdom of Ages, by Paul Foster Case, provides the seed for the materials, meditations and music. I must have read it over 50 times but I am now back to it with fresh eyes. I am careful not just to paraphrase its content but to use it as seeds from which I extrapolate. That is the whole point of overstanding anything after all.

The book is also magical and I am sure new things appear that I have not seen before on each reading. For example, Foster Case mentions the musical key for each of the Arcana. This is information I previously have skimmed but not am now utilising for the creation of the ambient album. Each track starts in the relevant key and ends in the key of the next Arcana. I will only know if this works at the end but it sounds like a reasonable premise.


From tiny points of guidance, a whole meta-structure appears.

As the Tarot evolves, we evolve.

As Above, so Below.


Take the First Step, Flavours of Thought, for free today … 

The Overstanding Soundcasts

Would you like to ‘Try Before You Subscribe’?

I understand that it can be tricky to get your head around what is esoteric – it is unknowable after all.

So, if you’d like to have a sneak peek at the wonders on offer along The Path To Overstanding, you can listen to the first Soundcast, Flavours of Thought, completely for free.

It contains 33 short tracks which will change the way you think about your thoughts, forever!

The Path is Open

The Path is Open

Sometimes when you start a project, you may harbour some uncertainties. We might think we are fooling ourselves or that we may have taken too much on board.

Setting my stall out to deliver a whole course in esoteric unfoldment over a 24 moonth period, in a time of global uncertainty, falls into that category.

The only thing is that I am entering my fourth moonth of content generation and it’s going swimmingly. The technical platform is good (I did test that for a year). I have a mind map that encapsulates all the content and literally ‘maps out’ The Path To Overstanding. The production of the complementary deck of Tarot Cards is proceeding, at its own pace, in parallel.

What is most encouraging though is that I am always asking for signs by way of confirmation. The biggest sign we get is resistance which tends to block our creative flow. We become a busy fool, getting on with other irrelevances first. This isn’t happening.

The other blockage is that people aren’t buying into the material. This too is not the case as there’s a steady flow of subscribers. As you walk down the path with me, you can ask questions of me on the Soundwise app, on a track by track basis, and also interact with other like minded souls.

Up to now, I’ve not marketed the Path officially. Partly this is because I wanted to ensure I could deliver the quality and quantities of materials I had planned. It looks like I can.

As a result, the chocks are coming off and the Path is well and truly open.

Go to my home page for more details and subscription options from less than $5 a month …

… you can also sign up to the first Soundcast for free

… and listen to a sample from Arcanum, my third ambient album here

A Time of Bifurcation

A Time of Bifurcation

Two Railway TracksTwo Tracks

I am writing this blog on the morning of the seventh day of Ukraine invasion by Russian forces. Some people have decided to go down a track which may have grave consequences for the whole of humanity, not least more imminently for the people of Ukraine and the wider Baltic regions. Their raisin d’être seems to be fear of potential threat when actually opportunities for co-creation and collaboration are alternative options.

Western Powers will do what they can, short of engaging in war themselves, to apply pressure on Russia to desist and retreat – or at least stop with the full annexation of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Somewhere down the line, a bifurcation has occurred. As many people on Spaceship Earth are seeking ways to reach post-pandemic unity and usher in an age of planetary stewardship, others are dragging the world back to pre-1939 ways of thinking and doing.

This by the way is as political as I get in a blog … mainly as I do not profess to have any answers or expertise in political and military matters.

What I do know is that we are at a point of bifurcation and, at the very least, the days for partisan, elitist and corrupt politics in the West has to stop for us to have any chance of global peace. At the same time, the crushing fear held by dictators must be replaced with true love for humanity. The massive chasm between the behaviours of the Russian and Ukranian presidents are an example of the rift that has to be healed … hopefully before too many more on each side lose their lives for no logical reason.

Learn Attention ManagementMy Own Bifurcation

The reason this blog is about bifurcation is that I find myself at a point when there is potentially an imminent split in my own focus. On reflection, both sides of this split however are in harmony as they have the same aim – that of awakening of consciousness.

The bifurcation lies in where people are at in their journey. Clearly, some people on the planet are hell-bent on courses where death and destruction are inevitable consequences. This naturally grabs news headlines and peoples’ attention.

I estimate that the vast majority of the world population would just like an easier life, without hardship and strife.

I have been passionate about sharing content freely, even before I was invited to publish on Insight Timer in 2015. I can testify that what goes around, comes around and that the freemium model works.

For a while now, the app has delivered some premium content in the form of courses. This provided an income that has helped me and many other guides to a position where we can afford to creat more and more content. This is the ‘going around’.

So as I am just on the point of launching and expanding on my own premium offering, I am delighted that I have been invited to run a workshop for Insight Timer. I hope it’s the first of many.

It will be delivered in April over three sessions and the subject is Attention Management – a new way of approaching time management indeed. Watch this short video for more and here’s the link to book your space:

My aim in delivering this workshop is that you will get your investment of time and money back many times over. As such, this type of event represents a bridge from purely freemium to premium.

Note that my output on Insight Timer is aimed at those on the cusp of awakening. 

The Path To OverstandingThe Path To Overstanding

My new ‘premium’ offering is aimed at those who would like to ‘awaken’ to a whole new level. The word ‘premium’ is italicised as it’s really not expensive – starting at less than $5 a month. I want this information to be accessible and affordable to many. The fees just help me to cover hosting and administrative costs.

Since I first published my first non-fiction books back in 2009, I have been focussed on making the esoteric – what is complex and somewhat obfuscated – into the exoteric, namely understandable and accessible.

My latest premium offering is the culmination of that journey. Back in 2009 and 2013, I wrote two books – namely Flavours of Thought and Planes of Being – which are, respectfully, deconstructions of the Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot. I always knew there was a third book and indeed that I might also design my own deck.

So, as previously signposted in this blog and elsewhere, the deck will see the light of day this year and has been beautifully illustrated by Siri Opli. It’s called The Tarot of Overstanding and is an evolution of the Tarot as it is known.

In parallel with its release, I am writing the book that accompanies it and serialising in audiobook format via my Soundwise app. It’s augmented by three other Soundcasts – Meditations on the Keys, a new ambient album called Arcanum and a series of exclusive conversations called Uberstandings.

It will contain and explain all the esoteric wisdom I have come across over the last 15 years and also include information that I am receiving from off-worldly intelligences. It is literally mind-opening.

It’s available exclusively to subscribers, optionally along with my other recent Soulwaves-based metaphysical content.

Find out more here …

… on The Path to Overstanding

Let me wrap up this blog by sharing some freemium content written by Henry Longfellow back in 1855 and so relevant to these bifurcated times.

Smoking of the Peacepipe

by Henry Longfellow, narrated by Töm Evans | from the Song of Hiawatha

The End of Endarkenment

The End of Endarkenment

One TribeThe last two years has been somewhat traumatic for humanity. Six million souls, at the very least, have shed their mortal coil in some way due to COVID. The pandemic has exposed the dangerous combination of corruption and incompetence in governments and businesses across the globe.

This all came at a time when humanity thought that Climate Change was their biggest threat. It still is and there is a possible connection to COVID. Perhaps it’s a virus that didn’t come from a lab but introduced my the Earth Consciousness of Lady Gaia to protect Spaceship Earth from the worst excesses of humankind. 

At the same time, these tumultuous years have brought people closer along with some amazing acts of kindness and compassion. We are commuting and travelling across the globe a little less. Some connected with long lost friends and families. Some of us got to know our neighbours a little more. Some of us found some more  time for ourselves – perhaps ushering in a change of lifestyle or career, perhaps learning a new skill.

We are on the cusp of an age of enlightenment which will see us evolving from being planetary abusers to being cosmic caretakers. I say cosmic because our influence can already be felt off-planet. We have a cloud of satellites around our planet – some of it is already junk and debris. We’ve even littered the Moon, Mars, Venus and the moon Titan. While the space probes have brought new knowledge, one day we should go and clear up the mess. We certainly should not colonise Mars until we learn how to properly look after this planet.

We have created an electromagnetic energy sphere from our small planet with a radius of over 100 light years. More significantly, our collective field of consciousness, which travels at infinite speed, can already be sensed by beings blessed with the ability to tune into it – as can we with others.

To help usher in this new age of enlightenment, we each have one simple task and that’s to shine light into any areas in our lives where there is darkness.

Simply put, all we need to do is to end endarkenment.


SpotlightSo how do we go about that? Does it mean it’s time to face our demons and explore our shadow side. Quite rightly, such exercises fill us with dread and should be avoided at all costs.

A better way to end endarkenment starts within us. When we make such changes individually and microcosmically, collectively they effect a macrocosmic shift.

Here’s how to begin, noting just doing one of these a month is a start:

  1. Each and every day, be kind to yourself and make sure you treat yourself, even if it’s just in a small way
  2. Each and every day, perform a random act of kindness to an acquaintance, the planet or ideally a stranger
  3. Each and every day, find something to be grateful for
  4. At least once each and every week, make a connection with a new soul, or a reconnection with an old soul
  5. At least once each and every week, let your creative self come out to play
  6. At least once each and every month, if you have a gift, share an aspect of it freely 
  7. At least once each and every month, if you create something of value, share with the world in exchange for some money or a gift of reciprocal value

By way of example, let me share with you how I go about all of this on a typical day, week and month.

  1. I treat myself to at least 10 minutes of meditative Me Time each and every day
  2. I let people out in traffic or give way on our local single track roads. Say hello and smile at people when out walking dogs. 
  3. Each day, I am grateful to Mother Earth for holding us to her as well as the air we breathe and the water we drink. If I see a sunset or sunrise, I am grateful to the constant cosmic dance of Sun, Moon and Earth.
  4. I am always on the look out for like-minded souls on social media – or when increasingly mixing again face-to-face
  5. On average, I deliver around four nuggets of creative output a week. Then, in non-work related activity, creativity abounds too.
  6. On average, I share a new piece of content free to the world on Insight Timer four times each month PLUS a free one hour talk.
  7. My metaphysical library of content, for Soundwise subscribers, has a new addition of content four times for every orbit of the Moon.
  • do share by way of comment, how you contribute to the end of endarkenment

Links, by way of example, so you can see how I go about doing the the above and how you can initiate your personal end to endarkenment :

  1. Meditate for free Insight Timer
  2. Enjoy Ten Minutes of Kindfulness
  3. Tune into the Earth Mind
  4. Become a Being Connected
  5. Play in the Creative Zone
  6. Access my complete freemium Insight Timer Portfolio
  7. Subscribe to my extensive and expanding premium Soundwise Portfolio
Another Thirteen Moons

Another Thirteen Moons

Happy New Year to One and All – and so good to kick it off on a New Moon (well nearly).

These blogs are normally a reflection on the moonth just gone. This one is a little different as it’s a look back at the year just gone and a sneak preview of the year ahead – or more specifically, at the 13 moonths just gone and the 13 Moon orbits ahead.

So the Soulwaves Insertions project was a complete success from a timing perspective, at the very least, more listeners would have been nice mind you!

The book was published on the 1st New Moon and then followed by the creation and publication of twelve ambient tracks, meditations and lectures … and a little more. I am really proud of it as a complete art work spanning book, music and meditation.

Big thanks to Sister Moon for keeping me on time and in focus.

The Path to OverstandingSo I now draw a line under that project as a new one opens up this moonth. As mentioned in previous blogs, it’s all about the Tarot of Overstanding. It’s an evolution and expansion of the Tarot as it’s currently known and understood.

The initial project I started co-creating with the very talented artist Siri Opli in Summer 2021 was a deck of cards, with some big differences. When one project completes, it gives space and time to really reflect on what is coming up next.

The deck of cards will hopefully get delivered sometime over the coming year. Over the holidays, however, I realised that what the project is really about is to deliver a set of tools for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

So I will be making many years of esoteric study in to an exoteric ‘box of delights’. I will be including materials that I have been sitting on for many years and not written about in any of my other 18 books.

You can think of it either as a ‘software upgrade for the soul’ or even as a ‘death-less reincarnation’. Just as for other books, there will be awakening meditations and ambient music so you can experience, not just read about, higher states of consciousness. More than this, towards the end of this year, I will be introducing a newly updated tool for advancement called The Cube of Overstanding.

This Cube is the Master Recipe of the Flavour of Thoughts – a Master Spell, if you like, from which you will be able to have permanent access to the higher dimensions. In fact, what happens is that you bring the higher dimensions down to the Earth Plane. Your soul truly incarnates in your physical body.

So rather than just delivering a book and set of cards as a fait accompli sometime in 2022, the programme will be streamed over a number of months to give you time to integrate the learnings. The exact timings will depend on those taking the journey.

How to Get Some Overstanding

I’ll be using Soundwise as the platform to launch it exclusive to subscribers. This means you can ask questions and share enlightenments as you go along, with both me and fellow travellers.

There will be five new Soundcasts which can be accessed by annual or monthly subscription:

  • The Flavours of Thought (streaming during Jan ‘22)
  • The Path to Overstanding Course (each New Moon, starting 1st Feb ‘22)
  • The Meditations on the Keys (each 1st Quarter, starting 8th Feb ‘22)
  • The Arcanum Ambient Album (each Full Moon, starting 16th Feb ‘22)
  • The Overstanding Lectures (each 3rd Quarter, starting 23rd Feb ‘22)

The first Soundcast, Flavours of Thought, is like a starter, or preprandial, before a sumptuous main course, which you can savour over the whole of this year and beyond. For the Flavours, I will be streaming it in four modules, timed to the moon of course, starting on the 1st quarter on the 9th January. From February onwards, I will begin streaming the rest of the materials …

Your annual investment for these five Soundcasts will be $55.55 if purchased annually in advance, or $5.55 per month (which equates to $66.6 annually). You gotta love the numbers!

Note that they will all be included in my current Tom’s Tomes subscription which will be increasing to $99.99 annually in February. So if you subscribe soon, you can save $20 each year.