A Time of Bifurcation

A Time of Bifurcation

Two Railway TracksTwo Tracks

I am writing this blog on the morning of the seventh day of Ukraine invasion by Russian forces. Some people have decided to go down a track which may have grave consequences for the whole of humanity, not least more imminently for the people of Ukraine and the wider Baltic regions. Their raisin d’être seems to be fear of potential threat when actually opportunities for co-creation and collaboration are alternative options.

Western Powers will do what they can, short of engaging in war themselves, to apply pressure on Russia to desist and retreat – or at least stop with the full annexation of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Somewhere down the line, a bifurcation has occurred. As many people on Spaceship Earth are seeking ways to reach post-pandemic unity and usher in an age of planetary stewardship, others are dragging the world back to pre-1939 ways of thinking and doing.

This by the way is as political as I get in a blog … mainly as I do not profess to have any answers or expertise in political and military matters.

What I do know is that we are at a point of bifurcation and, at the very least, the days for partisan, elitist and corrupt politics in the West has to stop for us to have any chance of global peace. At the same time, the crushing fear held by dictators must be replaced with true love for humanity. The massive chasm between the behaviours of the Russian and Ukranian presidents are an example of the rift that has to be healed … hopefully before too many more on each side lose their lives for no logical reason.

Learn Attention ManagementMy Own Bifurcation

The reason this blog is about bifurcation is that I find myself at a point when there is potentially an imminent split in my own focus. On reflection, both sides of this split however are in harmony as they have the same aim – that of awakening of consciousness.

The bifurcation lies in where people are at in their journey. Clearly, some people on the planet are hell-bent on courses where death and destruction are inevitable consequences. This naturally grabs news headlines and peoples’ attention.

I estimate that the vast majority of the world population would just like an easier life, without hardship and strife.

I have been passionate about sharing content freely, even before I was invited to publish on Insight Timer in 2015. I can testify that what goes around, comes around and that the freemium model works.

For a while now, the app has delivered some premium content in the form of courses. This provided an income that has helped me and many other guides to a position where we can afford to creat more and more content. This is the ‘going around’.

So as I am just on the point of launching and expanding on my own premium offering, I am delighted that I have been invited to run a workshop for Insight Timer. I hope it’s the first of many.

It will be delivered in April over three sessions and the subject is Attention Management – a new way of approaching time management indeed. Watch this short video for more and here’s the link to book your space:


My aim in delivering this workshop is that you will get your investment of time and money back many times over. As such, this type of event represents a bridge from purely freemium to premium.

Note that my output on Insight Timer is aimed at those on the cusp of awakening. 

The Path To OverstandingThe Path To Overstanding

My new ‘premium’ offering is aimed at those who would like to ‘awaken’ to a whole new level. The word ‘premium’ is italicised as it’s really not expensive – starting at less than $5 a month. I want this information to be accessible and affordable to many. The fees just help me to cover hosting and administrative costs.

Since I first published my first non-fiction books back in 2009, I have been focussed on making the esoteric – what is complex and somewhat obfuscated – into the exoteric, namely understandable and accessible.

My latest premium offering is the culmination of that journey. Back in 2009 and 2013, I wrote two books – namely Flavours of Thought and Planes of Being – which are, respectfully, deconstructions of the Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot. I always knew there was a third book and indeed that I might also design my own deck.

So, as previously signposted in this blog and elsewhere, the deck will see the light of day this year and has been beautifully illustrated by Siri Opli. It’s called The Tarot of Overstanding and is an evolution of the Tarot as it is known.

In parallel with its release, I am writing the book that accompanies it and serialising in audiobook format via my Soundwise app. It’s augmented by three other Soundcasts – Meditations on the Keys, a new ambient album called Arcanum and a series of exclusive conversations called Uberstandings.

It will contain and explain all the esoteric wisdom I have come across over the last 15 years and also include information that I am receiving from off-worldly intelligences. It is literally mind-opening.

It’s available exclusively to subscribers, optionally along with my other recent Soulwaves-based metaphysical content.

Find out more here …

… on The Path to Overstanding

Let me wrap up this blog by sharing some freemium content written by Henry Longfellow back in 1855 and so relevant to these bifurcated times.

Smoking of the Peacepipe

by Henry Longfellow, narrated by Töm Evans | from the Song of Hiawatha

Another Thirteen Moons

Another Thirteen Moons

Happy New Year to One and All – and so good to kick it off on a New Moon (well nearly).

These blogs are normally a reflection on the moonth just gone. This one is a little different as it’s a look back at the year just gone and a sneak preview of the year ahead – or more specifically, at the 13 moonths just gone and the 13 Moon orbits ahead.

So the Soulwaves Insertions project was a complete success from a timing perspective, at the very least, more listeners would have been nice mind you!

The book was published on the 1st New Moon and then followed by the creation and publication of twelve ambient tracks, meditations and lectures … and a little more. I am really proud of it as a complete art work spanning book, music and meditation.

Big thanks to Sister Moon for keeping me on time and in focus.

The Path to OverstandingSo I now draw a line under that project as a new one opens up this moonth. As mentioned in previous blogs, it’s all about the Tarot of Overstanding. It’s an evolution and expansion of the Tarot as it’s currently known and understood.

The initial project I started co-creating with the very talented artist Siri Opli in Summer 2021 was a deck of cards, with some big differences. When one project completes, it gives space and time to really reflect on what is coming up next.

The deck of cards will hopefully get delivered sometime over the coming year. Over the holidays, however, I realised that what the project is really about is to deliver a set of tools for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

So I will be making many years of esoteric study in to an exoteric ‘box of delights’. I will be including materials that I have been sitting on for many years and not written about in any of my other 18 books.

You can think of it either as a ‘software upgrade for the soul’ or even as a ‘death-less reincarnation’. Just as for other books, there will be awakening meditations and ambient music so you can experience, not just read about, higher states of consciousness. More than this, towards the end of this year, I will be introducing a newly updated tool for advancement called The Cube of Overstanding.

This Cube is the Master Recipe of the Flavour of Thoughts – a Master Spell, if you like, from which you will be able to have permanent access to the higher dimensions. In fact, what happens is that you bring the higher dimensions down to the Earth Plane. Your soul truly incarnates in your physical body.

So rather than just delivering a book and set of cards as a fait accompli sometime in 2022, the programme will be streamed over a number of months to give you time to integrate the learnings. The exact timings will depend on those taking the journey.

How to Get Some Overstanding

I’ll be using Soundwise as the platform to launch it exclusive to subscribers. This means you can ask questions and share enlightenments as you go along, with both me and fellow travellers.

There will be five new Soundcasts which can be accessed by annual or monthly subscription:

  • The Flavours of Thought (streaming during Jan ‘22)
  • The Path to Overstanding Course (each New Moon, starting 1st Feb ‘22)
  • The Meditations on the Keys (each 1st Quarter, starting 8th Feb ‘22)
  • The Arcanum Ambient Album (each Full Moon, starting 16th Feb ‘22)
  • The Overstanding Lectures (each 3rd Quarter, starting 23rd Feb ‘22)

The first Soundcast, Flavours of Thought, is like a starter, or preprandial, before a sumptuous main course, which you can savour over the whole of this year and beyond. For the Flavours, I will be streaming it in four modules, timed to the moon of course, starting on the 1st quarter on the 9th January. From February onwards, I will begin streaming the rest of the materials …

Your annual investment for these five Soundcasts will be $55.55 if purchased annually in advance, or $5.55 per month (which equates to $66.6 annually). You gotta love the numbers!

Note that they will all be included in my current Tom’s Tomes subscription which will be increasing to $99.99 annually in February. So if you subscribe soon, you can save $20 each year.

The Seeds of Alchemy

The Seeds of Alchemy

HaltHiatus Time

The good news is that the knee operation went well and I am making a good recovery. The prognosis is good. The healing though is slow and steady : a nudge from the Universe to slow down and take stock perhaps

Being grounded for a while makes you think, especially when I can’t sit at a desktop computer and consume myself in the usual busy-ness. 

But this enforced hiatus gives one time to think and re-evaluate. My first ‘activity’ post-op was hosting of the next Insertions Lecture in the series. This one explored the number 10 and the concept of there being more levels of awareness open to us than we take for granted. One of the topics we discussed was the Scientific Method which roughly flows like this :

  • Step 1 : Observe
  • Step 2 : Hypothesis
  • Step 3 : Model
  • Step 4 : Test

We mused on where intuition sat in the scheme of things and only afterwards did it occur to me there is space in our world for the Intuitive Method which flows like this :

  • Step 1 : Receive an intuition
  • Step 2 : Do nothing, just observe
  • Step 3 : Spot coincidence/sign to back up/confirm intuition
  • Step 4 : Thank those who are looking over and after you 
  • Step 5 : Repeat

The lecture is available via Soundwise … subscribe to the lectures here

So, bearing these steps in mind, this month I am launching a new initiative which came in as an intuition.

Siri Tarot The Seeds of Alchemy

I still have much more esoteric knowledge to share than I have done so already. So next year, 2022 will see be revisiting the Tarot again and currently I am working with the artist, Siri Opli, on a new deck. I’ve written seed words to which she is illustrating. Next year, you will be able to purchase the deck from Siri and I plan to write a text book which expands upon the Tarot as it is currently known. 

Accordingly, the deck will have some ‘new’ features. The first is 23 Major Arcana keys, rather like the Osho Zen deck. The second is that each Minor Arcana has 15, not 14, cards. This puts the 8 or infinity card at the centre numerologically. The third new feature is the most significant. The Minor Arcana will have five, not 4, suits. 

The fifth suit is that of Overstanding. The four standard suits are a reminder that we are 9 dimensional beings having an experience in the physical plane. This new suit allows us to access the 11th dimension and sit above the four Planes of Being (as explored in my book of the same name).

Does this all sound like the anaesthetic went to my head? Well not really as it was all in place pre-op. I’ve just now formulated a plan. By the end of 2021, I will have recorded five new meditations, each based on the five suits of the new deck. You can get access to them via my Soundwise app – they will appear in the Just for Each Day Soundcast. Then, in the New Year, I will create a series of 23 meditations each inspired by a Major Arcana key. These will switch on your magical powers.

Access the Just for Each Day Soundcast here

Or, for better value, subscribe to my Tom’s Tomes bundle

You will also find the recent IT Live on the Seeds of Alchemy on the free Soulwaves podcast …

p.s. I mentioned an Insight Timer playlist in the podcast, these have stopped working so the ‘seeds’ meditations will come out as a course and Soundcast in the new year.

New Plans : New Perspectives

New Plans : New Perspectives

New Perspectives

It’s only just dawned on me that our recent house move played out over a whole moon orbit.

We started our move just before the April New Moon and this New Moon sees us in and installed with my new writing and music studio operational.

The location and views are amazing and it’s lead to a whole new perspective and focus. The plans that have been hatching over the last couple of years in particular have lead to me landing in the perfect place to manifest them more holistically and with enhanced grace and ease.

New Plans

A moonth off the usual rate and style of production has allowed a stepping back and starting up again and the gift of being able to see and ease into a new pattern.

So each moonth now looks like this :

  • Every single day, post a Just for Today illustrated meme on Twitter & in the Facebook Soulwaves Group
  • Each moonth these generate two new guided meditations for Insight Timer (effortlessly)
  • Each moonth, there is a new ambient track inspired by an Insertion (the music used as a background for the meditations above)
  • Each moonth, there is a new guided meditation inspired by an Insertion (again using the ambient background from above)
  • Each moonth, there is live lecture on the numbers
  • Each moonth, there will be a live meditation session via Insight Timer
  • PLUS the Duadex will start to flow !

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New Content

Even in a moonth with limited broadband and time, there was still some content creation.

My main new project, the channelling of the third book in the Soulwaves Anthology, The Duadex, was put on hold. It’s starts again this moonth.

Have a listen to what I created between the packing and piles of boxes below …


The Void and The Density

The Void and The Density

The MagicianThis ‘moonth’ has seen an unprecedented level of creativity, even for me.

Three podcasts, three new ambient tracks and one guided meditation just popped out of nowhere.

More specifically they came from the Void to the Density with me as the conduit.

This process is captured visually by The Magician in the Tarot and something I explore in my MAGIC of AHA course.

When we plug into The Void something special happens with time so we get more done with less of it – hence my increase in productivity.

When we act a channel in the Density, the quality of our output is also enhanced as you can hear in the track, The Void, below. It took less than an hour to create and post-produce – and the idea came ‘from nowhere’ and wasn’t even on my To Do list.

Get free access to the MAGIC of AHA course and loads of other goodies here …

Track 0 : The Void

The Void is the a track from the Soulwaves album, inspired by the book of the same name. It tells us of The Void, a place where the Council of the Light hang out, pulling the strings of incarnate souls in the Density (i.e. us).

They do this by manipulating soulwaves, the conscious fabric on which the three dimensional Universe sits.


What people are saying …

“The sound seemed to back and forth between my ears and that always produces some very strong energy movement. It almost feels like my brain is moving around in response to the sound and the energy it’s producing.”

“Ethereal…I felt as if I was floating in space. “

“Mystical & very beautiful. I was transported somewhere, not quite sure where but space comes to mind.”

Spreading the Wave #1 : Souldalas

When I published Soulwaves, I knew from the outset that it was more than just a book. It had the potential to start a movement. So it’s with great joy that the amazing artist, Siri Opli, has started to create Souldalas.

A Souldala is a mandala that captures the essence of your soul. Art speaks directly to your soul and my Souldalas are completely individual. They make a great gift for a loved one or just a treat for yourself. When you order your Souldala, I will send you five simple questions that allow my soul to tune into yours.

Get in touch with Siri to commission yours or gift it to a loved one …

Spreading the Wave #2 : Your Future History

I am doubly honoured that intuitive astrologer Louisa Tanner Munson, is using the title and a modified strapline from the book to brand her new service.

An astrology reading is nothing short of a potential personal (or business, product or service) future history.

Get in touch with Louisa to discover yours …

Check out the detail and insight from a reading Louisa did for me to discover what you might learn ….

FacebookWhat’s Happening Next Moonth?

I am creating the next ambient track, called The Grand Tour, where I am experimenting with ‘modes of music’, inspired by Soulwave’s central character, Shen, as performs his first of many circumnavigations of the globe.

Next moonth’s guided meditation is called Entanglement and it will explore how our soul operates across space and time.

On the Zone Show podcast, I will be interviewing Christine Miller about love and Katie Brockhurst about a new age for social media.

… there will be more !!

Join the Soulwaves Facebook group to keep up with what’s going on …

Crossing Over

Crossing Over

Soulwaves 3d printThis month sees a couple of new crossings over. One of them was planned and the other unexpected and accidental.

Crossing #1 : Non-fiction to fiction

The first planned crossing is from non-fiction author to post-dystopian cyberpunk novelist as the first draft, at 100k words, is now with the editor. It started 14 years and 16 books ago and I’m now turning th handle on the publication process. I am hoping ebook, audiobook and print book will leak out into the world between June and September this year.

To signify this first crossing, I have assumed the de plume Töm Evans, in memory of my Irish godmother Eileen who often called me “Thom”. This will be the fictional author name going forward – a kind of soft and subtle nom de plume which I hope doesn’t come across as being slight affected.

The book covers are also in production, featuring Valles Marineris on Mars and a special kind of non-spherical supernova – both key elements in the plot.

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Mindfulness for Busy PeopleCrossing #2 : Selling Time to Providing Content

It’s the dream of any artist to make money while they sleep so that they can focus on their art. The arrival of my second course on Insight Timer seems to have helped me make that crossing, somewhat unexpectedly.

What’s more the feedback for my new Mindfulness for Busy People Course, surpasses even my expectations and has encouraged me to start thinking about the next course (and the next work of fiction)

“Some days I feel like you’re sitting next to me at the kitchen table, sharing a nice cup of tea, and musing on life. Each meditation is exactly the right thing I need to hear on exactly the right day. Bless you, Tom.”

“The title of your course jumped off the screen at me and I was hooked. As the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher appears, so I thank you sincerely. I am on day six, and am loving this.”

“I know I’m going to sound funny saying this but it’s like this guided meditation course was made exactly for me. Every word was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. This path of meditation and awareness is still fairly new to me and it’s so easy to let the ego and negative moments in my life to take over. This course is exactly what my soul needs. Thank you Tom.”

“Dear Tom, you have one of the most amazing voices here on Earth. I’ve listened to you quite a bit and I’ve become familiar with the tone of your voice, which means that I am now instantly relaxing within seconds after starting any of your meditations.”