Mindfulness-based Time Management

Course Materials

Half 1Overview of Week 5

  • Meditation : The Speed of Thought
  • Meditation : Inner Mind Time
  • Meditation : Moments of Light
  • Timeful Task : Whole Mind Mapping
  • Timeful Task & Meditation : Avoiding and Escaping from Mindfalls

Take your time with the exercises this week as they initiate subtle changes in your neurology. Be mindful of your thoughts this week and that some of them might not be what you think of as your own.

Yoga ManMeditation : The Speed of Thought

This visualisation takes you into a deeper state of meditation. It takes you to a place where your thoughts collapse and you begin to control the speed and nature of your own thought streams.

It is the precursor to other meditations that follow in this course where you move your consciousness away from your frontal lobes. This is where massive time savings occur, so it is worth practicing this a few times if the concepts are new to you.

Note it is best listened to on headphones, definitely not while driving.

Yoga ManMeditation : Inner Mind Time

This meditation introduces to, and reconnects you with, your Inner Mind Centres – as well as Inner Mind Time. It will help you always make the right decision, especially when using the Whole Minds Mapping technique outlined below. Of course, not making the wrong decision is a great time saver.

Note it is best listened to on headphones, definitely not while driving but always when faced with a decision you would like inner guidance upon.

Yoga ManMeditation : Moments of Light

A light bulb moment is one the best time savers there is. In less than a second, you can get an idea that will change your world – and the world as a result. This meditation takes you into Outer Mind Time where all time exists at the same time. Enjoy!

The mantra in this meditation is spelt ‘Mona Oha’ – which means ‘I Trust’.

Note it is best listened to on headphones and definitely not while driving.

Turn back timeTimeful Task : Whole Minds Mapping

This exercise outlines a process we can use to make sure we always make the right decisions. Allow 15-30 mins for the first time you use this process.

If you have ever been in two or more minds about something, this will explain why and show you a map to guide you out of an indecision. This short video explains how to use the Mind Map shown below.

You can download and print this template or start with a blank sheet of paper:

PNG iconWhole Minds Mapping template – right click to save

Turn back timeTimeful Task : Avoiding Mindfalls

Now we are over half way through this programme, I hope you are seeing benefits in your world where things are running a little smoother.

It is the nature of any personal development that, as we evolve, we often encounter challenges. This short video outlines a simple way to deal with any curved balls that might come your way. The accompanying meditation will help you escape from them once and for all.

Key LearningsKey Learnings

  • We all possess numerous mind centres in our body
  • Our inner mind centres run to different clocks and timings
  • Our gut and heart minds are always right
  • Light bulb moments occur outside space and inside time
  • You are only one meditation away from your next great idea