Mindfulness-based Time Management

Course Materials

half 4Overview of Week 8

  • Timeful Task : Creative Dreaming
  • Meditation : Starting Your Day
  • Timeful Task : Mindful Mails and Timeful Tweets
  • Meditation : The Perfect Night’s Sleep
  • Timeful Task : Being Mindful and Timeful in Groups

We’ll start this week with the most sublime creativity booster. Just imagine using the time when you are asleep to be creative. Watch this short video to find out how!


Yoga ManMeditation : The Perfect Start to Your Day

Listen to this visualisation for two or three mornings and then see if you can get into this meditative state by yourself, following a similar script ‘in your head’.

If possible, combine listening to this visualisation with analysis of your dreams.

Turn back timeTimeful Task : Mindful Mails and Timeful Tweets

When we become mindful of how we spend and invest our own time, it becomes incumbent upon us to respect how we impinge and impact on the time of others. Watch this short video and for the coming week (and forever), be mindful of:

  • When you send emails, and to whom
  • The content and tone of your messages
  • Your output, intent and nature of engagement on social media


Yoga ManMeditation : Going to Sleep

You will remember from earlier in the course, we can be creative while we sleep. This closing visualisation is very simple and designed to get you off to a restful nights sleep, to help seed your dreams and to line up the most perfect day ahead.

Turn back timeTimeful Task : Being Mindful and Timeful in Groups

Breathing Together

Timeful meetings start in what might sound like a counter-intuitive way. They start by everybody doing nothing for a few minutes but doing nothing together.

Optionally you can take everyone through a guided meditation but some people might think this strange so here’s a simpler technique. If you are the meeting facilitator, this is what you do. Note that this method works equally well for 1-2-1 meetings and 1-2-many.

Thinking Together

Once you have meeting attendees breathing together, the next task is to get them all pulling in the same direction, by thinking together.

If you want to use the Four A’s Mind Map outlined in this video, optionally you can download the template below:

Four A’s Mind Map

Agreeing Together
The final video in this section shows how to engage with the collective group ‘minds centres’.

Key LearningsKey Learnings

  • We can use our sleeping time to be creative
  • The way we start our days has a big impact on our efficiency
  • It is important to be mindful on how we impact on the time of others
  • Timefulness can be scaled to groups
  • A good night’s sleep makes us more productive during the day