Mindfulness-based Time Management

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Half 3Overview of Week 7

  • Timeful Task : Timeful Goal Setting
  • Meditation : Future Entanglement
  • Timeful Task : Setting a Meta-Strategy
  • Timeful Task : Creating a To Love List
  • Meditation : Awakening the Heart

Note that when you love what you are doing, you will never work as such again.

Turn back timeTimeful Task : Timeful Goal Setting

When you set goals timefully, based on what you want to learn, something amazing happens. You end up achieving what is beyond your wildest dreams but in a manner that you did not envisage. This system is brilliant for compiling your Bucket List and allowing it to come to pass magically !!

  • You begin to live magically
  • You move more gracefully through life
  • Your dreams are met and surpassed
  • You end up at a place beyond your imagination

This system is as simple as it is powerful. Before I started using it, I was a bored IT consultant going through the classic, mid-forties, mid-life crisis. I had no focus, no dreams, only frustration. I did have an inkling there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing.

Several years later, I am an author with ten books and counting under my belt and I have recently evolved into a temporal alchemist (someone else’s description of what I do, I should add). More importantly, I don’t feel I work for a living as I love the work I do. When I need some cash, clients just turn up out of the blue.

This short video takes you through how to set goals based on what you want to learn too.

Either complete this exercise on a blank sheet of paper or here’s a mind map template to print out and complete:

PNG iconTimeful Goal Setting template – right click to save

Yoga ManMeditation : Future Entanglement

This visualisation embeds the goals that you set in the Mind Map of the last task into your neurology.

Once you set timeful goals, based on what you want to learn, you become luckier. Knowing that the most perfect future will arrive allows us to relax and to become better able to spot when the right serendipities arrive at your door.

Turn back timeTimeful Task : Setting a Meta-strategy

Establishing a meta-strategy is the icing on the cake on top of your Timeful Goals. Just imagine if everyone on the planet was blessed with knowing their meta-strategy and working for their highest good.

For this reason, it helps if you share yours with the world and help others to discover and share their reason to be here. Watch this video and pass it on !

Turn back timeTimeful Task : Creating a To Love List

It’s said when you love the work you do, you’ll never work again. The key to living timefully lies in only doing the things you love. When you do this enough time to do everything you want to do seems to appear just by magic.

Before watching this video on how to do this, either get your current To Do lists together (whether they are on paper or on your computer, phone or tablet).

Yoga ManMeditation : Awakening the Heart

This visualisation awakens nascent qualities in the heart. Once your heart ray is activated, use it wisely and here’s just a few things you can do with it:

  • Soften tense situations
  • Heal past wounds
  • Attract co-creators and helpers
  • Amplifying the results you get from your To Love list

Key LearningsKey Learnings

  • Target-based goals are limited by our imagination and experience
  • Learning-based goals deliver beyond our wildest dreams
  • Establishing a meta-strategy accelerates our evolution
  • Life is much more pleasant when we work on our To Love Lists
  • Our heart is an active and powerful mind centre