As we approach the Summer Solstice, there have been many strings pulled in the Density from the Void. The Council of the Light have been busy.

There’s a new TV channel about to launch with a focus on metaphysics called My great friend, Louisa Tanner Munson, was initially invited to it, along with Carl Munson, her erudite husband and fabulous show host. They both recommended me to the channel’s progenitors, Will Rodriquez and Karen Endsley. 

A brief chat was all that was needed for them to want me to launch a show and for me to go for it. The title they suggested was fab, It’s Not Bonkers, but after finding myself procrastinating about it, I realised that it is to be called soulwaves : connecting above to below.

It’s going to be an exploration of all things metaphysical with a whole raft of guests helping me make the esoteric into the exoteric – and launching later this moonth.

It’s quite an undertaking as I will be producing a one hour show every week but it’s such an opportunity to get even more global reach than I am already getting through Insight Timer. I was though feeling a new challenge was needed as I have been far too complacent and comfortable with my creative output.

That said, I am thrilled to have published three new courses on Insight Timer on the Flavours of Thought in the last three moonths alone.

In addition, from June onwards, I am also starting to write, record and publish a series of follow on courses on the Recipes for Fresh Thinking – which are essentially modern day spells. This will lead into another series of courses inspired by the Minor Arcana and based on my book on the subject, Planes of Being.

The ability to cross-fertilise my Ethereal shows with Insight Timer materials is immense as the shows can feature sample meditations and go into more depth as there is no restriction on imagery and of course video content. This means my Magnum Opus can truly be shared with the world now.

You’ll find links to the Flavours of Thought courses below … and I’ll post shows as they go live on Ethereal on my front page.

Flavours of Thought

This first course explores thought forms that emanate from outside of our neurology. These are the stuff of light bulb moments and the source and fuel for our creativity. If you have ever had an idea ‘off the top’ of your head, you will have heard a whisper already.

Flavours Of Thought #2

This second course in the series explores thought forms that percolate up from our lower mind centres. Pay attention to them and you will never put a foot out of kilter. Ignore them and you may end up pushing water uphill.

Insertions 7-12

This third course explores thought forms that are generated in our brain that are seeded from ethereal whisper and unconscious murmurs. You will also get a sample taster of a Recipe for Fresh Thinking.

Soulwaves on Ethereal