This last moonth has been one where flexibility has had to be the key. The next few moonths are poised to be similar in flavour.

The reason being is that my main two initiatives for 2024 are in a state of flux, with uncertainty around their aspects and timing.

So I have prerecorded two introductory shows for the new Soulwaves channel on Ethereal TV. Their launch date of June seems to have slipped, which doesn’t surprise me at all as it’s a massive undertaking on their part, not least with herding many cool cats. If I am honest, I prefer doing interviews outside the summer months anyway when I prefer to be outside! So I am not rattling that cage and am happy for it all to run its course.

Slightly more unsettling but also potentially really good news is that Insight Timer are changing the way that they remunerate teachers. As this is my main revenue stream, as I am loyal to them for the opportunity they gave me, I will have to adjust and potentially augment some of my plans.

I was planning to put all of my Magnum Opus on to the app and have already re-published the first part of my trilogy, the book Flavours of Thought, on the app. I was about to upload the companion book in an eight part mini-series, Recipes for Fresh Thinking, and have two recipe-themed courses up already with a third lined up for July.

My intuition is to hold off doing any more. Partly as they are not getting the traction I had hoped for but mainly as my intuition is to re-publish and re-purpose the second part of the trilogy, Planes of Being.

The third and most expansive part of the trilogy is The Path to Overstanding. This was going to be tricky to upload as it has so many materials as attachments and Insight Timer do not allow them to be appended to courses. What they are about to launch though is our ability to sell events and mentoring services through the app.

This means access to The Path to Overstanding could be repurposed as a subscription-based monthly mentoring programme. I already have it hosted on MySoundwise and can augment access with live sessions that themselves will get uploaded, thus augmenting the level of Overstanding.

So for a moonth, I plan to do nothing apart from observe and post my current mix of free meditations and music, the serialisation of the audiobook version of Soulwaves and courses.

By way of fitting example, let me share a guided visualisation with you here, that I just happened to upload last moonth … funny how art emulates life !

And you can see the interview with the CEO of Insight Timer, Christopher Plowman, on the ringing in of these changes here