How to Channel Your Book

and get it to write itself

Quill and BookHow to Channel Your Book

Course Synopsis

Do you want to write a book but don’t know where to start – or what to write? My new How to Channel Your Book course will show you how to tap into your Creative Muse so your book virtually writes itself.

Channelling is not just about connecting with the ‘dear departed’. Channelling is all about being in ‘the zone’ and allowing our conscious mind and inner critic to go quiet so we can tap into the collective consciousness. When artists, musicians and authors channel, they produce their best and most sublime work. Time also takes on an ethereal quality.

This ecourse is agnostic about what you actually channel – you can call it the “mind of god”, the archangels or angels, your guides, the ascended masters, your future self or just the “universal mind”.

The principles you will learn here can be applied universally. It is the output that matters most not necessarily where the information comes from. Furthermore, while the course focuses on channelling a book, the principles covered can be used for:

  • Channelling a series of blogs
  • Chanelling an ecourse
  • Chanelling a screenplay
  • Even channelling non-text based work such as music or art

This course will be delivered in eight modules over a period of 8 weeks. In this time, you may even end up with a first draft of your book.

Note that my quickest channelled book, which was 12,000 words long, took 3 weeks from writing the first word until the book was available worldwide in print and for ereaders. I used all the techniques in this course to deliver it in this time. I had no plan to write it either, it just came in once I opened up to it.

Each lesson consists of:

  • One or more animated videos explaining the theory behind each aspect of channelling
  • One or more guided audio visualisations
  • Some simple tasks for each coming week that allow your book to blossom

In total, there is over an hour of video tutorials, three hours of mind-opening meditations and two hours of case study materials.

Who is this course for?

  • First time and existing authors
  • Those writing in the mind, body, spirit or personal development genre
  • Science fiction, fantasy and metaphysical writers
  • Researchers and scientists
  • Students and teachers

Lesson 1 : Passive Channelling

To start off gently, you will learn how to make your mind go quiet so you can tune into your creative muse – and optionally to connect with your guide. What you will learn this week can be used for any creative task and to receive insight on anything.

Lesson 2 : Active Channelling

How to ensure you are fully in the loop and ‘directing operations’. Learn about developing a meta-structure for your work so that your channelled information neatly fits into your design for your work. This helps greatly knowing when a book is finished.

Lesson 3 : The Reader Journey

How to write a book with your reader’s transformation in mind and so they actually finish reading the book.

Lesson 4 : Entrancing Your Reader

How to write in trance so your reader will be entranced. Learn how to channel your ‘future self’.

Lesson 5 : Rapid Drafting

How to quickly deliver the main content for your work and end up with a first draft within weeks, or even days. Learn how to use your Dream Time to be creative.

Lesson 6 :  Spotting Signs and Using Metaphors

Learn how to spot signs and become a 24×7 channel. Find out how to use serendipitous happenstance to design your book cover and to write a book description to encourage a reader to purchase it.

Lesson 7 : Becoming an Oracle

How to channel the answer to any question and how this ability can be woven into your writing – or used in your work and practice.

Lesson 8 : Publishing in the 21st Century

This course is not all about theory. It is about creating real world outcomes and outputs. This last lesson takes you through the steps to take to get your first draft ready for publication. Find out too how publishing in the 21st century has become democratised and is now in the hands of authors. You will learn how to build your author platform and ways you can share your creative output and generate revenues while you sleep.