How to Channel Your Book

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Lesson 7 : Becoming an Oracle

Up to now, you probably will have been channelling around subjects on which you have some knowledge and experience. One of the great abilities a true channel has is to be able to tap into new wisdom. All the great artists, seers and writers down the ages possessed this ability.

So in this lesson, you will learn how to get answers to any questions you have – at all !! No previous experience necessary !!

This skill is really useful for a writer and channel working on the edge of what is known. It can be used in client work too. In addition, scientists and researchers can use it to find the answers to Life, the Universe and Everything !!

This ability allows us to ‘see’ the future and it comes with a caveat. There is no problem seeing your own future or the words from the future that you are about to write. If you tap into someone else’s timeline and see their future – DO NOT TELL THEM !!!

Also do not try and channel the Lottery Results – you will be given the correct numbers anyway if winning is already on your karmic path 🙂

The key to becoming a great oracle lies in learning how to ask the right question. The answer we receive back will be predicated by the quality and preciseness of what we ask.

This next video shows you how to form questions that work and explains the mechanisms by which the answers are supplied.

Task 1 : Moments of Light

So think up the question you would like an answer on and write it down so it enters the Physical Plane – this is important.

Then listen to this next visualisation to see what pops in. Note if nothing comes your way, do not fret, sometimes the answer pops in later.

It can even arrive while you are sleeping. If it arrives in a dream, it may need to be interpreted so use the technique from Lesson 5.

Sometimes too it comes in the form of a sign or metaphor when you are least expecting it, as you learned in Lesson 6.

Every question that is asked will be answered, we just have to be open to listening to the answer as and when it comes along.

QuillTask 2 : Oracular Writings

Like all new skills, the more you practice, the better you will get at it. So over the next week, do the following.

1. Each day, think of a new question you would like some insight upon, drop into the channelling state and write down what comes back. Questions can be either personal or business focussed.

2. Write at least one blog, or even a short chapter for your book, entitled with a question and use your new oracular skills to provide the answer.


Why People Get Sick?

Where Does All The Time Go?

What is Gravity?

Note that, the bigger the question, often the bigger and better the answer.

Case Study : The Anatomy of AHA Moments

I was invited to do a talk on light bulb moments to my largest ever audience in London, at around 250 people. I was both nervous and excited. I’d done the talk loads of times before so knew my subject matter but I wanted something juicy to make a splash as some important people were there.

Although I’d written a book on the subject, I hadn’t researched how a light bulb moment interacts with our neurology. All Internet searches on the subject proved fruitless, so I decided to channel the answer. This is what came in – naturally in less than a second !! Note what I channelled became the basis and inspiration for the visualisation above.

As a consequence of the AHA moment on AHA moments, it was then obvious what mechanisms would inhibit them as you can see here.