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Lesson 8 : Publishing Your Book

Well done for travelling this far.

There will come a point where you want to share what you have written with the world and I have some Good News for you.

Publishing in the 21st century has become democratised and is now in the hands of authors. There are simply no excuses. If you have a manuscript ready today, it can be available for download on ereaders worldwide within 24 hours.

I have kept the guidelines in this lesson fairly general as the publishing landscape is continually changing and in a state of flux.

There is a lot of content in this lesson so take your time to take it all in before you complete the task at the bottom.

Note too that we can ‘channel’ more than the book itself. You can use your ‘guidance’ to find the perfect publishing route too!

Also note that I created this lesson over five years ago and much has changed since then but the principles are essentially still the same.

When your first draft is ready, you are about 25% of the way to getting your book out there.

The next 25% of the route involves getting your book published. The remaining 50% is all about book promotion – and that lasts as long as your book is available for sale. Note that in the UK, this can be for 70 years after your own death as the copyright can be passed on to your estate in your will.

These next three short videos outline the steps to take and the options open to authors nowadays. Note that this represents my world view and experience as an author. As every author has a journey and experience which is specific to them so, I have included selected case studies from other authors who give an alternate and expanded perspective.

Phase 1 : Pre-flight

Phase 2 : Publication

Phase 3 : Promotion

p.s. just to show you how dynamic our Author Platforms should be, if you visit my site now you will see the top menu has changed since making this video to reflect a new direction, energy and strategy for my business 🙂


Case Study 1 : Joel Friedlander in the Write Zone

In this Zone Show interview, book designer extraordinaire, Joel Friedlander, talks about the importance of interior as well as exterior book design. He also shares how his blog is the foundation for his author platform.

p.s. Joel is no longer on the Earth Plane, I am sharing this here to honour his memory and amazing talent :: shine brightly Joel

Case Study 2 : Joanna Penn on Becoming an Authorpreneur

Author, speaker and publishing consultant. Joanna Penn, shares her story of how she gave up her day job and has become a full time writer. Find out too why having a podcast is such a great networking tool for an author.

Case Study 3 : Dee Blick on Writing and Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Author and marketeer. Dee Blick, discusses how creative writers have to become creative marketeers.

Bonus Visualisation : Stepping into the Spotlight

This last visualisation takes you on a metaphorical journey to somewhere very special – enjoy and thanks eternally for sticking with this course over the last eight weeks.