How to Channel Your Book

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Lesson 4 : Entrancing Your Reader

In this lesson, we start to channel the content of your book (or project). If you have started already, this is a good thing.

Before you embark on this next lesson, make sure you have the following in place.

  • a Mind Map of the reader journey through your book – which you have embedded in your neurology
  • a profile for your typical reader
  • your aims for the book in place

Remember, if at any point during the course, if you have any queries or even blinding flashes of enlightenment, then I would like to know. Just email me at and I will normally get back to you within 24 hours.

This week, you will write the beginning and end of your book. If you are planning an introduction and a summary, you will write these. If you just have a first and last chapter planned, write these.

What you will learn in this lesson is how to channel your future self who knows the words you are about to write.

This video explains the theory behind how we are able to do this.

Task 1 : Channelling Your Future Self

This visualisation takes your consciousness outside your physical body so it connects with all versions of You, past and present. Listen to this first to tune into All Time.

Task 2 : Writing In Trance

In this week’s lesson, you will begin to write your book. In order to entrance the reader, we must write in trance. So before undertaking the tasks in this lesson, listen to this visualisation which shows you how to be in the trance state with your eyes open. As for all these visualisations, always have a paper and pen ready as channellings can come in at any time. There are a few minutes of brain entrainment music at the end which you can use for this.

Task 3 : Writing the Start

While staying in the trance state, look at the start state of the reader before they read your book.

Imagine the reader opening your book expectedly and being excited to be beginning to read it.

Next, ask your guide or Muse to come through and start writing your introduction. Make sure you cover the key points and key learnings. Optionally listen to the brain entrainment track below while your are writing. 

Task 4 : Writing the End

Next, rather than moving on to Chapter 2, you will write the concluding chapter or summary of your book. At this stage, you are only producing a first draft and almost certainly you will edit this chapter once the rest of the book is written. Again look at your Mind Map and tune into the end reader state.

Just imagine the reader having enjoyed and being enlightened by what they have read. Again, optionally listen to Eyes Open or Brain Entrainment visualisation, if it helps get you back into the trance state.

By writing the start and end of a book, it leaves a vacuum of the middle which our unconscious mind likes to fill. So, in the coming week, if the rest of the book starts arriving, don’t wait until the next lesson to start writing.

At this stage, resist the temptation to edit anything but spelling mistakes and typos.