How to Channel Your Book

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Lesson 2 : Active Channelling

As you tuned into to your Muse over the last week, did you notice any of the following?

  • any strange coincidences or serendipities
  • more vivid dreams
  • any adversity coming to visit you

These are typical of what happens when we choose to move up a gear or three.

Remember, if at any point during the course, if you have any queries or even blinding flashes of enlightenment, then I would like to know.

Just email me at get in touch and I will normally get back to you within 24 hours.

This week, you will start to flesh out the content and structure for your book. When we have a framework to channel to, it helps us to know when we are finished and to write a book which engages with the reader.

In the last lesson, you were just getting used to channelling. In this lesson, you are just starting to think about your book and how it might be laid out.

In the following lessons, we will go into increasing levels of detail on how the book will flow and to the exact words you will write for it. Nothing gets cast in stone, these exercises are designed to open up gateways, possibilities and potentials.

Task 1 : Free Association Mind Mapping

Get a large sheet of paper (A3 or tabloid) and some coloured pens or pencils before watching this video.

Allow 10-20 minute for this task and note that you can come back to the Mind Map you create at any time.

When you have finished, put this map on a wall where you see it each day. When it comes to actually writing your book, you can use a highlighter to cross off topics and themes you have dealt with. This way you know you have covered everything you plan to write about.

Task 2 : Defining the Structure for Your Book

Watch this short video before completing the task it outlines.

Note, at this stage, you are just playing with a rough structure for the book and musing on high level concepts. In the next lesson, and even when you start writing the book, things might change.

Case Study : The Structure Behind Flavours of Thought

To give you an idea of how this pre-planning works in practice, this video deconstructs how I designed the structure for my book Flavours of Thought. Actually, I didn’t actually design it – it was more like it was given to me.

Task 3 : Making Your Mind Go Quiet

Listen to this visualisation for 3-4 days this week and optionally when it finishes write and passively channel what comes in while you are in the ‘no-mind’ state.

Also for the remaining days, try and use the script from this visualisation in your head to enter this state under your own volition.

If by the way, your book is starting to arrive in parts, just let it come in. Anything we write can be used – either in the book itself, as a blog or in future books.

If your Muse is calling, let it come in and don’t wait for the next lessons.

Task 4 : Take a Journey to the Akashic

In this special visualisation, you will be taken to the place we go between lives to meet with your Soul Group. It’s known as the Akashic Records Office or the Noosphere. You will also see the ‘book of your life’ which keeps the record of your karmic path – as well as the books you will write.