The Next Orbit of the Sun

The Next Orbit of the Sun

SeasonsAnother Turn of the Wheel

It’s fair to say the last three orbits of the Sun have been interesting for humanity. We’ve had two years of global pandemic and a year where the prospect of WW111 has raised its head. In the UK, we’ve seen the worst excesses of an incompetent and corrupt so-called government play out.

Of course, while all this doom and gloom might sound terrible and as if the world is about to end, we should realise that cosmic forces are playing out and influencing affairs on our planet.

While some of the world is in turmoil, it has also shown the best side of humanity. In all probability, the UK Tory government has engineered its own oblivion. Regime change will see an end to hostility between Russia and Ukraine. Do not forget of course other areas of tension and conflict too. The threat of global climate change being one of them.

So what can we do as individuals to help turn the tide. Well, my mission to help get the whole world meditating, one person at a time – with the help of Insight Timer, continues.

With this in mind, I have a whole year of meditations, ambience and courses planned for release, as we orbit our home star once more. There will be at least one new meditation and one new ambient track available to listen to free each month. I also plan to release at least three new courses, one every three months, which are available to Insight Timer Premium subscribers.

By way of example, just this month, I’ve published these already …


The Magic of Numbers Course
Meditate on Meditation
The Lovers Ambient

eight corner cubeThe Cube of Space

I am also extending the materials for the Path to Overstanding. This year we will be exploring a glyph called the Cube of Space – it is like a software upgrade for the soul and some even call it “a death-less reincarnation”.

Note there is no fear-based New Year sale, just maintenance of last year’s prices. It is mindfully and soulfully designed to be an investment affordable to as many people as possible at less than the price of a takeaway pizza a month. This year it will include live ‘moonthly’ group mentoring sessions for those walking the Path or considering embarking upon it – they are called Uberstandings.

Note that you can also take the first step on the Path to Overstanding for free.

Talking of extensions, we are also extending our house and, at the same time making, it as eco-friendly as possible. While doing this is of course introspective, we also want to share our experience of how to restore old, tired, mouldy and cold housing stock.

So this year’s blogs will document my journey and include a mix of how the house refurbishment is going along and an update on progress on the ongoing construction of my metaphorical ‘house of enlightenment’.

I guess I have literally become a builder of the new Adytum – which is one reason I had to unsubscribe as a student of BOTA so I would not plagiarise their materials. My aim remains the same – to take what has been made esoteric (and difficult to understand) and make it exoteric (both accessible and practical in its application).

Onwards and Upwards …

The Path to Overstanding 2023

Would you like a ‘taster’ of the Flavours?

I understand that it can be tricky to get your head around what is esoteric – it is unknowable after all.

So, if you’d like to have a sneak peek at the wonders on offer along The Path to Overstanding, you can listen to the first Soundcast, Flavours of Thought, completely for free.

It contains 33 short tracks which will change the way you think about your thoughts, forever!

Do Dogs Reincarnate?

Do Dogs Reincarnate?


RIP Reuben

At the start of this year, we had to say goodbye to our labradoodle Reuben. At 15, his legs gave up on him and we did the thing that all dog owners dread. I was with him as we let him go and told him that we’d see him again soon.

He was a rescue dog who hadn‘t been treated that well. As a result, he was timid but very affectionate and, like all dogs, a little naughty from time to time. He moved silently and stole socks and underwear, attracted by the smell no doubt. He would always be a step or two behind on a walk, leaving the introduction to other dogs to one of his braver companions like Wellington or more latterly, Millie.

For the last 10 months, Millie has enjoyed being the sole centre of attention. We are planning a major house renovation next year and living in our motorhome for nine months or so. So having one, well trained dog seemed like a good idea.

The Universe and soul of Reuben obviously had other plans. My better half wasn’t seriously looking but had an alert out for small, black, male labradoodles. These are Millie’s favourites as she can boss them around.

When a dog reincarnates, as for humans, it knows its soul path and what it wants in life and what it wants to learn. So Reuben liked us and our home and wanted to come back to be brave and adventurous. He’d had enough of being mistreated and had much to give.

So, six months ago, he came back as the progeny of a female golden retriever and small male poodle. This would guarantee he would be the right size to be Millie’s companion again. He even came back with the name of Lucifer, the light shower and change bringer, to make a point. We thought Pickle was a safer name to shout as we walk him past the local church.


Welcome Pickle

His first homing wasn’t right so he managed to nudge the mind of his owner to put him up for rescue. He ended up in a caring home but his new doggie companion was nervous about living with such a ball of energy, so he was put up again for rehoming.

This time, he hit the jackpot. His owner from his previous life spotted him and within a few days, he ended up where he planned to be all along. Dogs know a thing or two.

He slotted straight in and relaxed straight away. He learned that a grumble from Millie was a nudge to back off. He worked out how to wrap his new owners around his paws and do his every bidding. He had come home and was looking forward to another life of adventure and experience.

Plasmatic Effervescence

Plasmatic Effervescence


The Cycles of Life

So this week was the first moonth in many years that I missed publishing a blog on the New Moon. This is just a couple of days late.

There is no particular reason but that I forgot but that I forgot as external events overtook my usual rhythm of creative production.

I had to take a few days out last week at the funeral of an old friend from University. He had been dying for sometime and he very bravely and candidly wrote about it. Actually with the slightest nudge from me, he produced three books of philosophy and poetry in his last two years of life. They are linked from the images above, all thoughts from a dying tosser.

I had the honour of being able to read one out at his funeral and I share one with you here which is the only one I managed to get him to record.

So this mindfully short blog is dedicated to my good and old friend, Nick John Kyneston Bushell – may your light shine brightly from Above and may you come back down to the Below soon.

Small Miracles

Small Miracles

This last moonth has been a bit of an eye opener.

I beavered away the moonth before getting four video courses uploaded to Insight Timer (with more lined up in the wings). At last, I thought, I could move the majority of my extensive archive to one place and reduce complexity of hosting – and reach the millions registered with the app. Then I got an email saying they were holding back on video course, workshops and mentoring. Hey ho, I then thought, there must be another way.

So I looked at which of my courses might work as audio only courses, which are still OK, and came across a series of meditations inspired by my book, Soulwaves, originally called The Soul-full Path.

So I remastered it, added a brand new meditation to help your soul actually incarnate and re-entitled it Your Soul Path and uploaded it to the app. Hopefully it will pass muster and be available by the time the Moon orbits the Earth once more.

Any time we work with materials which connect us with our soul, magical and mysterious events can be stirred up in our lives. Sometimes these events are of major significance and sometime they are tiny. Sometimes the mere recognition of them is of deeper and wider import than the happening itself.

So I got the course uploaded the day we went away for a short jaunt in the motorhome to the beautiful Mendip Hills, having got it back again after lending it to a friend in need for a few months, during her house transition. We had to kit out the van again and upon arrival at our overnight stop, we discovered that we didn’t have a teaspoon. We resolved to naughtily purloin one from a coffee shop the next day.

teaspoonSo we were in Cheddar Gorge sitting down with a latte and hot chocolate. We don’t take sugar but dutifully it arrived along with two teaspoons. Our conscience hit us and we agreed it wasn’t right to steal a spoon.

Now the road through the gorge is closed at the moment while they secure the rock face so we walked up the gorge as far as we could. Bear in mind, no cars are going up there right now, so minimal traffic and footfall.

So blow me down with a feather but on the side of the road, in broad daylight, was a single teaspoon. It was just perfect. So we both removed some litter from the beauty spot and solved our lack of an implement to extract tea bags.

Now admittedly this is a very 1st world problem and, you might say, not worthy of a blog article. I would suggest though that the small miracles are just part of our big miracle of life. Noticing them and thanking your god, your soul, the angels or your dog for leading you there in turn encourages to more and more to unfold.

p.s. After our trip to Cheddar we went to Wells and had the whole world just hanging and spinning in front of us in the Cathedral

The Scintillating Intelligence

The Scintillating Intelligence

My unfolding of the Path to Overstanding materials has led me to return to my study of the Tree of Life. I always found the language around the Kabbalistic tree quite obfuscating. What’s a Sepiroth after all? Of course, this challenge fits into my mission to make such arcane esoteric language into the exoteric and understood.

Naturally, it I benefit greatly from going over old study notes, spotting things I missed and, more importantly, seeing the wisdom contained in such a glyph in a new and overarching context.

For example, the Sepiroth are better described as being emanations. In addition, they are connected to each other by Intelligences, which also map on to the keys of the Major Arcana. The emanations and intelligence are referred to as Paths of Wisdom with which I am not totally comfortable. To me, they only become Paths when combined together, IMHO.

One aspect of the Tree that I am particularly drawn to is the Scintillating Intelligence, which is The Fool in the Tarot. In isolation, it’s one of my favourite cards ranking along with The Hermit and The Hanged Man in the archetype of my world. When I first read about The Fool, I discovered it is also known as Aleph, The Life Breath. 

Around the same time the Tarot found me, I had just found out about Core Process which is a way of encapsulating your essence in two words, or so. Mine turned out to be Breathing Life – you have to love a coincidence. I cannot help but breathe life into situations I find myself in and into people I meet who could do with a boost. The Life Breath is of course the chi that keeps us alive and powers our creativity. Using it every day helps us to maintain and even enhance our well being.

What I had either buried, or ignored, is that the Scintillating Intelligence connects the emanation of Kether with that of Chokmah. Kether is the Limitless Light and Chokmah, the knowledge of said Limitless Light.

So operating in this space is pretty special and doubly so when you appreciate that emanations are bidirectional portals. So the knowledge of the Limitless Light trickles down the Tree until it manifests in our physical body and our world of space and time. What we then do with that wisdom goes back up the other way. The Scintillating Intelligence also informs the Limitless Light of what is possible based on its infinite potential.

In microcosm, this could be an idea or a notion, just like this one. In macrocosm, when we return to Source and depart this mortal coil, it could be the realisation of the impact a soul incarnate can achieve in a physical body. This acts as a seed and template to adopt for souls who are about to incarnate. What goes around, comes around.

Armed with this briefest of scintillations, be that change and let me know by way of comment below how your own scintillations are influencing the world and the planes above.

and to take your first step on the Path to Overstanding, visit my home page