The Magic of AHA It’s an illusion that all thoughts come from inside our head.

Most people assume aha moments are random and that they come along when we are least expecting them.

There is both an art and science to creativity and innovation.

Once you learn the key, you will tap into an unstoppable flow of inspiration.

What’s Included?

The course contains explanatory animated videos, mind-opening audio visualisations and easy-to-follow exercises.

Just coloured pens, pencils, paper and, most importantly, an open mind is all that’s needed.

Talking Light Bulb Moments

In this interview with Christine Miller, I explain more about where light bulb moments and where they come from.

What you will get from taking this course

  • The knowledge of how to tap into inspiration on demand
  • A realisation that the best ideas come from the collective mind
  • How we are a conduit for creativity
  • How to make sure the best ideas don’t get away

In this course, you will discover much about the physiology, psychology and spirituality of inspiration.

Like all the best journeys, it’s a good idea to take your time to enjoy the views along the way. So take your time to work through these modules to give yourself time to integrate what you learn and to spot and allow the new serendipities to arrive.

It will pay great dividends if you keep a journal to note ideas that pop in as you go along. You will also notice coincidences too and how connections get made, as if by magic, just when you need them.

I recommend undertaking no more than one module a day to allow the magic to integrate.

Course Index

Module 1 : Introducing Aha’s

Module 2 : The Inspiring Breath

Module 3 : Meditation

Module 4 : Association

Module 5 : Generation

Module 6 : Intention

Module 7 : Collaboration

Module 8 : Using Dreamtime

Module 9 : The Cascade of Creativity

Module 10 : The Power of the Spin Off