M for Meditation

In this lesson you will learn how to enter the meditative state easily and repeatably.

Entering the meditative state is something we do naturally. If you have ever experienced an AHA Moment, you were certainly at that very instant of time in a meditative state.

We enter this state while performing repetitive and learned tasks like driving. We also have them when we are out walking in nature. Walking by water is particularly conducive as water is the conductor of the universal mind-stuff. This is why some people get their AHA’s in the shower.

Apart from allowing ideas to come in, meditation has so many other benefits for our health, vitality and wellbeing.

It is madness not to meditate as the time we spend doing it comes back to us several times over.

The MAGIC of AHA’s?

M for Meditation

Visualisation : The Universal Breath

This short visualisation shows you how to meditate on the breath.

Visualisation : Holding Thoughts

This short visualisation shows you how to stop your internal dialogue completely.

Visualisation : Eyes Open

This short visualisation shows you how to enter the meditative state with your eyes open.


  • Make meditation and ‘me-time’ a component of your day, ideally first thing
  • Ask any unwanted thoughts to be quiet and go away
  • Always say “Thank You” when AHA’s come your way

– our future self, guides and angels like to be recognised and acknowledged too and will generate even more for you as a result

Key Learnings

  • When our mind generates internal dialogue, it blocks AHA moments
  • When we meditate on a ’thing’ our mind goes quiet
  • When we meditate on thought our mind is open to the cosmos