I for Intention

paper Plane IntentionI for Intention

This lesson is almost the polar opposite of the last.

In the last lesson, we brainstormed as many ways as we could think to re-use or re-purpose an idea.

This lesson involves doing very little but to set high intent for what could come as a result of receiving an AHA moment.

All we then have to do is to wait for them to come along and then to grab them with both hands and run with them.

This is where thinking BIG is recommended and it is no time to be a shrinking violet.

Visualisation : Travelling Light

This visualisation equips you with the tools and resources you need for the journey ahead (while also dumping baggage for which you have no more requirement).


  • Think of the best thing that could happen as a result of your moments of AHA
  • Think what could be even better
  • Think what could be even better still

Key Learnings

  • When we set high intent, the Universe sits up and listens
  • Achieving our highest dreams just involves allowing them to arrive
  • We can generate a ‘busy field’ that stops things coming our way