Spin offsThe Power of the Spin Offn

Sometimes it is not the initial idea but where it leads us to which is where our pot gold lies – be it real or metaphorical.

We can sometimes get stuck in a rut and not see the wood for the trees. We can quite often run out of steam or lose passion for an idea.

This lesson will take you through a repeatable procedure to generate an unlimited number of spin offs from any seed idea.

The solution is some more Whole Brain Thinking and a trusty mind map.

The Spin Off IDEA Mind Map

Use the mind map template below to free associate and spin your original idea into something new

Here’s a reminder of what each branch of the mind map refers to:

  • Industry – could it be applied in new sectors?
  • International – could you change it so it works in new markets?
  • Inter-operable – could it be made to work with more ‘things’?
  • Demographic – can it be sold to a new target market?
  • Duplicity – can you replicate its essence, say with a minor change, but in such a way that it becomes something entirely new?
  • Down-size – can it be made smaller, cheaper or with a sub-set of features?
  • Education – how can it be made so that it can be used to teach or to be taught?
  • Entertainment – how can you make it more fun?
  • Extension – how can you make it bigger or add more features so it does something entirely new?
  • Augment – how can you make it bigger or add more features so it’s better value for money?
  • Amortise – how can you spread the cost of production to improve cash flow or spread the cost of purchase to increase sales?
  • Agreements – who could you partner with to get to new markets or so that 1+1 > 2 ?

This last point is crucial. At a certain point in your AHA moment’s journey, you may no longer be able to go it alone. To capitalise on the spin off potential, you may need to bring in people to help you. The team you assemble is vitally important and can make your dream a bigger reality.

Download Mind Map Template

Visualisation : Being Inspired

This last visualisation helps create a permanent connection between the Earth Plane and Archetypal Plane with you at the center, connecting the Above to the Below. When we do this, we become a channel and an Inspired Being.


  • Be prepared for help to come along
  • Be open to collaborations
  • Outsource tasks that are not your core or key strengths

Key Learnings

  • The spin off is often of more importance than the seed idea
  • AHA moments can follow a domino effect
  • We must be continually open to innovation, to the extension our ideas and to allowing opportunity to come our way

Your Feedback

Now you are at the end of this course, I would love to hear from you. What I would love to know is:

  • What was good about the course
  • What was not so good
  • What would you like more of
  • What would you like less of
  • I would love also to hear of your experiences of AHA moments during and after the course