Planes of BeingThe Cascade of Creativity

Once you receive your AHA moment, the next step is to make sure it ends up as a physical reality.

If you have ever had an idea, done nothing with it only to see it copied a few years later, you may have missed a step or two.

It is rare that every single element of an idea comes in with the initial AHA moment. There will be aspects that will require further research and to be refined.

The Cascade of Creativity is a four step process which is based on the Four Element model of reality.

When we follow it, our ideas have much more chance of success. If we ignore it, our ideas can leak away.

Visualisation : Messages in Time

This visualisation tunes you into the future version of you who knows what you need to do in order to make your idea a success. This includes not just the seed ideas but all the serendipities that will come your way to make your idea a reality, throughout the cascade of creativity.


  • List ideas you are currently running with
  • Spend some time dreaming of all the benefits of your ideas
  • Evaluate the validity of your ideas
  • Take some action, even if it is to diarise what you plan to do next

Key Learnings

  • Ideas need some time to percolate down to the physical plane
  • We are multi-dimensional beings and can tune into the planes of ideas, patterns, processes and physicality
  • It is worth tuning into naturally productive times of the day, the month and the year