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This next method of coming up with AHA moments takes somewhat of a sledgehammer approach.

It is one used by many serial entrepreneurs and even by many research labs or think tanks. The idea is to think up loads and loads of ideas rapidly until we get a gem that really shines out.

This might sound a bit crude but it can be a lot of fun and is also a great exercise to do in groups.

It was also the method used by the great Thomas Alva Edison.

Visualisation : Brain Entrainment

If you do repeat this exercise and want to spend half an hour or so luxuriating on it then, this audio track can be listened to in the background (with headphones) while mind mapping. The brain entrainment music will nicely ‘scramble’ the left and right hemispheres so that ideas and associations flow more freely.


  • For each AHA that comes in, use the rapid generation method to think of all its applications
  • Do this too for old ideas that might be stuck in the mud
  • Remember to say “thank you” for each new enlightenment that comes from this process

Key Learnings

  • Often we have a great idea but apply it in the wrong way or too quickly
  • Our ego can blind us as to the obvious
  • We are often just one step away from success