Associating HeadA for Association

In this lesson, you will learn about the power of free association when it comes to generating AHA’s.

Our brains don’t think in lists, they think radially.

At present, no computer can make the instant flights of fancy we can do so easily with the human brain.

When it comes to free association, the best tool by far is the mind map. Mind maps keep the left brain busy on the detail, and navigation, so that the right brain can see the whole vision and all the interconnections.

This exercise works equally well in group sessions too.

A for Association

Get some coloured pens or pencils and a blank sheet of paper ready and then click the play button below to watch this next video to get the instructions on how to use them.

Free Association Mind Mapping Template

If you ever want to repeat this exercise, here’s a template you can download

Visualisation : Brain Entrainment

If you do repeat this exercise and want to spend half an hour or so luxuriating on it then, this audio track can be listened to in the background (with headphones) while mind mapping. The brain entrainment music will nicely ‘scramble’ the left and right hemispheres so that ideas and associations flow more freely.


  • The human brain is hard-wired to make connections – go make some
  • Use mind mapping as your natural tool of choice to help you make ‘random’ associations
  • Use this procedure any time you are stuck to take you in a new direction

Key Learnings

  • We don’t think in lists but radially
  • For most people, the left brain deals with detail
  • For most people, the right brain holds the whole vision