The Power of the BreathThe Inspiring Breath

In this module, we explore the role of the breath in the creative process.

When I deliver live workshops on this subject, I ask the audience at the start if everyone is breathing. This is meant as British ironic ‘humour’ but also is a very serious question too. Breathing is not just needed to keep us alive but it is the driving mechanism which connects us with the collective consciousness.

Breathe slower and deeper and two things happen. First, time elongates so you get more done in less time. Secondly, we send a signal to the collective consciousness that we are ready to receive.

Inspiration is quite literally a vital half of the respiration process. The other component is aspiration. We inspire ourselves when we breathe in and deliver our aspirations on the out breath. This might seem trivial but it is of vital significance when it comes to generating AHA moments and making them happen.

What Powers AHA’s?

Visualisation : The Inspired Breath

This short visualisation shows you how to breathe with your diaphragm so as to really stir up inspiration coming your way from the collective consciousness.


  • Each morning as you awake, do at least 9 deep belly breaths using your diaphragm
  • Become aware of the still points in your breath
  • Become aware of how fast and deep you are breathing

Key Learnings

  • Our breath is what literally powers our inspiration
  • Our diaphragm stirs up the collective consciousness
  • Ideas arrive in the space between the in and out breath