collaborating HandsC for Collaboration

This last of the five ways to generate AHA moments explores how we can work with others to make one plus one to equal three or more.

Ideas generation can often be a solitary activity.

Sometimes the exact skills we need are better delivered by others. By collaborating with people with complimentary talents and strengths, we can find ways to deliver our ideas better and smarter.

Apart from being less lonely, working with others on our ideas can be good fun.

Visualisation : Moments of Light

This visualisation brings together the elements you have learned in the last seven lessons and connects your consciousness to the Universal Mind – and to the collective pool of AHA moments


  • When you meet new people, ask “What can we do?” not “What do you do?”
  • Think of ways your existing products and services could be package together to create something new
  • Ask yourself what assets, people and skills are missing from your portfolio – then meditate on what could happen when just what you need magically turns up

Key Learnings

  • 1+1 can equal 3
  • We often have all we need, it’s just not necessarily in the right order or framework
  • By thinking about what is missing, it often miraculously turns up