Head on PillowUsing Dreamtime

h3>What is so good about AHA moments is that we don’t even have to be awake to receive them.

Our dreams are littered with insights, messages and information as our conscious mind is quiescent.

The only issue we have is remembering and interpreting them.

This lesson shows you how to seed your dreams, to work out what they mean to you and to use them in the creative process.

Just imagine being creative while you sleep.

Visualisation : The Perfect Way to End Your Day

This visualisation will help you drift off to sleep and to help seed your dreams and to line up the most perfect day ahead.


  • Practice remembering and interpreting your dreams
  • Notice how events in your waking life interact with your dreams
  • Notice too how your dreams become more literal and lucid as you get better at remembering them

Key Learnings

  • Dreams are full of useful information
  • Their messages are often encoded in metaphors
  • Recurring dreams are worth paying attention to