Light BulbIntroducing AHA’s

In the 10 modules of this course you will discover much about the physiology, psychology and spirituality of inspiration.

Like all the best journeys, it’s a good idea to take your time to enjoy the views along the way. So take your time to work through these modules to give yourself time to integrate what you learn and to spot and allow the new serendipities to arrive.

It will pay great dividends if you keep a journal to note ideas that pop in as you go along. You will also notice coincidences too and how connections get made, as if by magic, just when you need them.

This first modules gives you a gentle introduction to the MAGIC of AHAs and a visualisation to make you ready to receive them.

What are AHA Moments?

The Anatomy of an AHA Moment

What Blocks AHA Moments?

Introductory Visualisation : Becoming Fear-less

When we start to channel, it can be overwhelming at first as we embrace the enormity of being able to tap into the Universal Mind. The associated fears sometimes can get stored around various chakra points. This short visualisation will help clear your chakra points and set you up nicely for the flow of inspiration that you will stir up over the coming weeks.

Come back to this visualisation at any point during the course if you feel any uncertainty. Clearing our fears away is like peeling away layers of an onion.


At the end of each lesson, I will share some illuminating exercises that you can do next to encourage good ideas to come your way and to make the best ones happen.

  • Make a note of all ideas that come in ‘off the top of your head’
  • Say “Thank You” for each one that comes in
  • Ask yourself how you might be able to use them
  • Make a note of all chance encounters and seemingly strange or random happenings
  • Again remember to say “Thank You” for each one that comes your way

  • Key Learnings
  • AHA moments normally happen at random
  • They are whole mind and whole body events
  • Any imbalance in any of our chakra centres will block them