Moving Times

Moving Times

The AdytumThis New Moon augurs in several new moves.

The most impactful on the surface is moving out of our new home into rental so that it can be made into an energy efficient eco-home. So this week is packing and transition.

We are lucky, or have made our luck, that the builder who walked into our world has a property only 30 minutes drive away that we can rent short term. It’s got a nicely fenced off garden for the dogs and parking for our moho at the front of the house.

We’ve got at least three months guaranteed on the rental, potentially then some moho adventures but then the option of living back on site in the moho for 1st and 2nd fix.

Now this might sound like enough to be getting on with this year but it’s really a background project while the ‘real work’ is going on.

The Cube of Overstanding

This New Moon sees the delivery of the second module in a 12 moonth series of awakenings based around the Cube of Space. It’s been something I have sat on for over a decade, if not several life times. Needless to say, I am both excited and in a little trepidation about what will unfold. 

This is the real work in hand and in progress!

It offers the most amazing ability to help people evolve to a new level of consciousness which augurs in a new way of being for individuals and humanity as a whole. Bearing in mind too that this triggers and upgrade to the whole biosphere and even the consciousness of Mother Earth.

Is this too fanciful a postulation? Is is the ramblings of someone who has lost their marbles? Or are you intrigued enough to dive in?

Join Me Live

On the last Friday of each month, I am hosting a free meditalk on Insight Timer Live. The next one is all about the Twelve Councillors of the Light and is on Friday 24th Feb at 2pm UK Time.

On and around the 3rd Moon Quarter of each moonth, I am also hosting a live coaching and mentoring session for those walking, or thinking of walking, the Path to Overstanding with me – register here