Soul Part Integration

It is part of the illusion of our existence that we are one entity we call ourselves.

When we incarnate, we arrive as an assemblage of soul parts. As we become self-aware, one of them takes the role of being “us” and giving us the magical ability to being self-aware. In the background, the other soul parts operate silently by watching out for us, guarding us and protecting us.

Some of our soul parts of course don’t incarnate with us at all and remain discarnate, acting as our guides.

From time to time, as we evolve and grow, new soul parts attach themselves and some older ones detach themselves – this is a continual process operating throughout our lives. All aspects of our being are in agreement with this arrangement and each component is on its own karmic path whilst also working on the group karma of the collective entity we refer to as ourselves.

Working alongside and along with these familiar aspects of ourselves is a comfortable way to be and sometimes the soul parts stick with us longer than is necessary. This is much like hanging out with old friends from a sense of loyalty rather than a inner-sense that you know you should really move on to new pastures.

In these cases, it is in the interest of all ‘parties’ for separation to occur and for new energies to arrive.

How do you know if you could benefit from it?

Ask yourself why and how you found this page and why you are reading down this far without thinking it is completely bonkers.

Here’s a few tell tale signs you are ready …

  • you continually are fighting ‘inner demons’ which manifests in depression, bipolar or lack of self-worth
  • you have a nagging illness, allergy, intolerance or dis-ease that has hung around longer than you would like
  • you feel like you are on the verge of something BIG but something is holding you back
  • you have a stream of nearly-successful ventures or ideas
  • you feel like you are pushing water uphill
  • you have a nagging pain that won’t go away that doctors can’t understand or deal with
  • you feel like you deserve a ‘break’ and some reward for all the hard work you have put in
  • you are experiencing repeated patterns in relationships or your career or with your thought patterns or life in general
  • you really feel drawn to the image at the top of this page but don’t know why

How does it work?

Soul Part Integration can be done face to face or anywhere in the world over Skype. An initial session of around an hour is normally all that is needed to make a huge shift. We then have follow up session of 30 minutes a week later as a check and to allow more integration to occur.

Listen to this audio testimonial to hear first hand how it works and what happens as a result

What others are saying about it …

“In our session, we did some work on an emotion I have been carrying around for 5 lifetimes!! I love the way Tom works, I find his voice and approach very grounding which makes it safe to explore. The explorations are very fascinating using colours, shapes, names and visualisations which imakes it much easier and less frightening to get in touch with the feeling I was working on.” – Sheila Lindop

“I find it hard to describe this process in words. All I can say is now I have no guilt and a great future. Tom’s stuff is magic.” – Clare Ragless

For those that are curious and ready, this work can also be the precursor to even more exploration and enlightenment.

Note too that I have trained a number of other practitioners how to do this so also get in touch if you are a coach, healer or therapist interested in learning the technique. Note that some experience with timeline and regression techniques is useful but not mandatory – the ability to ‘tune in’ is more important.

Contact me to book a session …