You may have picked up a theme in this moonthly blog where life and art emulate each other.

So, after looking at plans for 12 months and a set of wide gaping holes in our new extension for five months, the windows have been fitted. We are now watertight and can really appreciate the views we have to enjoy once the refurbishment is finished.

We’re also out of our moho now into rented again. The moho is going up for sale and our roving adventure is coming to a close.

So these are the two main things happening in my life right … first world issues I know but what’s happening in my art is of more cosmic significance, I hope and feel

In art, a new clarity is emerging, as I come to the end of the creation of the Path to Overstanding materials. Someone asked me where the Path fitted in with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It made me realise that the Path starts where his triangle of needs finishes.

So it takes a person who is self-actualised to an entirely new level again. In the last section of the Path – around the Cube of Overstanding – ‘travellers’ will undergo 10 levels of initiation above the self-actualised state. Of course, this is not the limit but it’s pretty transformative nonetheless.

I’ve just got three more moonth’s worth of materials to generate and have now got a new clarity of where to take it from next year – both with mentoring individuals and trainers.

The video below tells the story of how I came to this place and where it leads from now. If you are ready to step up, get in touch. I would be honoured to guide you along this path.