Awaken Your Inner Magician

MerkabaTake a Trip of a Lifetime

My Awaken Your Inner Magician programme takes you on magical journey.

You will learn the secrets of how to bring New Magic for a New Era into your world, as described in my new book of the same name.

This transformational programme will also include a trip around, and inside, the Cube of Karma. This a contemporary version of an ancient esoteric glyph.

There is no baggage; no dogma; no need for you to change your belief set. There is only one guarantee and that’s that your life will never be the same again.

This programme is nominally spread over the course of a year and after each step you will reach a new level of enlightenment, each building on the last. So, in just 12 months, you will undergo a kind of death-less reincarnation and evolve to a new level of being.

Note that each person can take this journey at different rates, so you can have a month or two off or take the journey over many years or even many lifetimes. The price of course might vary in this latter case! Some exceptional souls can take this journey in half the time, or less. It is however a good idea to make haste slowly to allow the changes to integrate fully.

So are you ready to evolve to another level of being?

Cube of SpaceThose who embark upon this path of advanced personal development will learn how to live a charmed and magical life. Struggle will become a thing of the past and serendipity will ooze from everything you touch.

Those that join in with this programme will be ‘Entering an Adytum’; an inner sacred space where true magic happens.

Many personal development programmes are remedial and set out to fix that which is broken. This is different as it is generative. It takes the ordinary and makes it magnificent.

Wanna play?

Celynn Morin

“Tom has mentored me for almost a year. What I have enjoyed most about working with Tom is the abundant knowledge he has on various subjects and his ability to use strong intuition to create fluidity within a robust framework.”

“Tom is the most quirky professional I know and I look forward to many more mentorship moments.” – Celynn Morin

What’s on the menu?

The Big U Book 3DThis journey unlocks more of the secrets in my books, New Magic for a New Era and The Big Ü 0 as well as the ‘fictions’ in my forthcoming novel, Soulwaves.

  • One or two 1-2-1 mentoring sessions *
  • Support materials
  • An initiation
  • Simple tasking for each step
  • A practical output for you, and your business, each month

* generally one 2 hour session per month if taken face to face or two 60 minute remote sessions

HANARYour Investment of Time

You will need to devote about an hour or two a week on this program – or a half day to a day a month. You will have permanent access to the materials so you can always catch up if you fall behind a little. As it happens, you will learn how to control the speed of time anyway. The very notion of not having enough time will disappear.

PRADNAStep One : Software Reset for the Soul

As preparation to taking this advanced programme, it is essential that you haven taken these courses of meditation.

You are then ready to take this preliminary step, which can be taken as a taster and sampler of what is to come and includes:

  • Soul Audit
  • Soul Part Integration
  • Dealing With Energy Leaks
  • Discovering Your Soul Purpose and Meta Strategy

Note that this step can be taken in isolation, as a taster and sampler of what’s to come.

NEKTUMStep Two : Rebirth

The first step takes you through a ‘deathless reincarnation’. It is time to leave the old you behind and step into new shoes. The veil of illusion is parted and you become able to see the true reality we inhabit.

  • Entering the Cube
  • Re-imagining Your Path
  • Embracing Adversity
  • Active Adaptation

TAN'ATARAStep Three : Advancement

This next step is all about discovering your fully alive powers – and learning to control and moderate them before really finding out how amazingly powerful humans can be.

  • Losing your Stabilisers
  • Escaping from Mindfalls
  • Entangling with Your Perfect Future
  • Grounding Thought Forms

OM TAT SATStep Four : Initiation

This next step facilitates the initiation into a higher level of awareness, perception and super-sensible abilities. This is all about being in the centre of your own power and being independent of all external influences.

  • Merging with Higher Self
  • Karmic Ownership
  • Defining your Inner Magician
  • Working Etherically

LOTUSStep Five : Self-Mastery

Self mastery is not a state we reach that allows us to declare to all and sundry that we have reached some new level. It is an ongoing process and way of being. In the same way that nobody else can breathe, eat, love and dream for you, self mastery by definition is personal to all of us.

  • Incarnation of the Higher Self
  • Working with the Higher Realms
  • Passing the Lesser Guardian
  • Defining your Two Paths

ELTAStep Six : Becoming a Conduit

At this stage of the journey, you will be operating at a whole new level. It is time to see your advancement in perspective and to understand that there is an infinite set of rungs yet to climb.

  • Connecting the Above
  • Awakening your Magician
  • Tapping into the Planes of Being
  • Becoming an Oracle

SIASStep Seven : Entering Service

At this point of the journey, you discover what it is you are really meant to do. At the same time, you also discover exactly how to do it – by entering service and acting as a conduit for the Higher Self and Higher Powers.

  • Awakening Your Sourceress
  • Embracing the Below
  • Meeting the Greater Guardian
  • Enter ‘The Synthesis’ of Male and Female Magic

TesseractStep Eight : Eight Corner Activation

Once you enter The Synthesis, it is a precursor to opening more and more doors. The next steps are infinite and start by connecting the higher dimensional reality to the lower density.

  • Labelling the Eight Corners
  • Living in Two Realities
  • Creating the Bridge
  • Entering the Triality
  • Leaving Breadcrumb Trails

ANALOTUSStep Nine : Crafting Spells

Having been around the Cube, you will become able to invoke safe and ethical spell work. The key here is possessing the wisdom to perform this special kind of magic only for the highest good.

  • Single Flavour Spells
  • Multiple Flavour Spells
  • Creating your own Cube
  • Growing your own Tree

DANASStep Ten : Soul Part Integration

This step will show you how to heal yourself, and others, by releasing energies and entities that no longer serve and replacing them with higher vibrational forces.

  • Identifying Entities
  • Engaging in a Dialogue of Free Will
  • Release and Communicating
  • Installation of Higher Energies

NIONStep Eleven : Temporal Alchemy

Time is only a consensual illusion. Alchemy is transmutation. The initiated magician becomes capable of manipulating time.

  • Healing the Past
  • Channelling the Future
  • Softening Time
  • Time-based Therapy

ARISStep Twelve : Marketing Your Magician

It is time for your awakened magician to go out into the world and help raise consciousness.
While we all still live in the Duality, some guile and grace is required.

  • Discovering your Metaphors
  • Your Profession of the New Age
  • Creating your Portfolio
  • Sealing your Intention in your Art

Your Investment

Clocks of MoneyYou can invest in this programme in several ways:

Option 1: 12 monthly payments

Option 2: four quarterly payments

Option 3: one payment

There are incentives to make less payments which reward your commitment.
It is also possible to have a break after 6 months to allow integration to take place.
The investment required is significant and quoted on an individual basis. If you have to borrow money to invest in this programme, you are not ready. A signifier that you are ready is either that the investment has showed up magically or you are already adept at manifesting ‘money energy’ – this is one of the simplest, yet sometimes elusive, of alchemical techniques.
You will learn more when you take this journey.

Mentoring Sessions

1-2-1 Mentoring

This programme is delivered with 1-2-1 personal mentoring sessions throughout. You will receive around 24 hours of mentoring, which can be taken in a 2 hour face to face session each month or sometimes we will do two 1 hour sessions.
Some months we spend more time and some less. As you will see, time is not as fixed as you think and even in three hours we will achieve what feels like a day’s worth of transformation. You also have virtually unlimited email support over the twelve month period.
Sessions can either be at my offices either in the Surrey Hills or Wiltshire in the UK, or anywhere in the world over Zoom. You can of course invest in additional 1-2-1 time to work on specific projects, channellings and personal enlightenment.

Contact me using the form below if you would like to make the ‘upgrade’