Our Two Minds of Time

Brain hemispheresWe are blessed with two minds …

One sits inside space and time, the other everywhere and ‘everywhen’ else.

Listen to this purposely short podcast to find out what happens when we get them working together.


Change the way you think and add hours to your days

Many time management systems teach you how to better prioritise and how to beat procrastination. This system is fundamentally different – it shows you how to change the speed of your thoughts, using meditative and mindfullness techniques, so you change the subjective passage of time.

Learn how to control your own Personal Time Machine – your Mind.

This ecourse contains over four hours of mind altering exercises and visualisations to take you into altered and heightened states of consciousness. The programme is simple to follow, completely safe and also very, very relaxing.

You will also find out that we have different time clocks running all over our bodies!

Take some Time Out to give yourself more Me-Time and you will get your investment back in this revolutionary time management programme in no time at all.

Manage Your Time with Mindfulness

This course on bendy time is based on bendy pricing – you only pay what you can afford

Writing from the Heart

If you have ever been stuck in front of your computer with words not flowing, there’s a good bet it’s your head that’s in the way.

When we allow our conscious mind to take a back seat, a certain magic unfolds – we get in flow and become what is known as ‘a channel’.

Next Thursday the 8th November at 7pm GMT, I’m honoured to be taking part in the Writing from Your Heart series of teleseminars with Eileen Parr.

I’ll be lifting the lid on what channelling is, and isn’t, and how it’s not about talking to the “Dear Departed” – it’s a natural process we all do from time to time. When we learn to do it under volition, our creativity and productivity soars.

Watch this short video to find out more …

And register for free for my interview and those from 14 other spiritual transformational authors from the US and the UK here

Writing from Your Heart