How to Make a Book Trailer

46-movie2We’re used to trailers for films and TV programmes. They tantalise and tease us to the delights the main feature will hold.

Nowadays multimedia trailers are being increasingly used to promote books and the technology to do them is accessible to all.

Seven elements that make a good trailer

1. Short – less than 5 minutes, ideally 1 minute
2. Sneak preview of book’s content – but adds something additional to the book
3. Link to buy book – but not a heavy sell but do include the book cover for recognition
4. Impactful – if the book has a point to make, this should be contained in the trailer
5. Fully informative yet enigmatic – it should be self contained in its message and encourage the viewer to want more
6. Potential to go viral – include humour or make a point that people want to share
7. Must work on mobile devices – if the trailer includes text, check that it works on mobile devices

Keen as ever to get my feet wet, I’ve had a go at a couple …

This We Know – short and enigmatic …

This We Are – somewhat longer and gives a snapshot of each chapter in the book …

– let me know how I did

Online Trailer Production Tools

Powtoon – used above

– let me know if I have missed any

Connecting Upstairs to Downstairs

Stephanie J KingIn this conversation, author, healer, transformational life coach and Soulpreneur, Stephanie J King shares her vision for a new way to be.

If you’ve been struggling or pushing water uphill, find out how connecting with ’upstairs’ pays great dividends. Discover how a mind shift at an individual level has a collective effect and creates a global awakening. Find out how to awaken to miracles and to allow them into your life.

Stephanie finishes this conversation with a channelled visualisation to help initiate this shift.

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