Deadlines Don’t Have to Be Taxing

Tax-Time-Fotolia_74492695_XSIn the UK at least, as the 31st of January looms quite a few hearts pounding as personal tax returns have to be submitted. It’s thought that nearly 10 million people in the UK must submit a self-assessment return each year. Filing a return late and you’ll get an immediate £100 fine.

Just imagine though if you could learn to get more done in less time and that you could generate enough hours in the day.

Well bizarre as it may seem, our left and right brains experience time in different ways. It’s an urban myth that the left brain is logical and the right is creative. The picture that is now emerging is that our left brains sit inside space and time and our right brains experience everywhere and ‘everywhen’ else.

If you have to make the numbers add up by the end of the week, take a few minutes out just now to take your left and right brains on a workout. Follow these simple numerical exercises and, at the end of this Timeful Task, you will have both sides of the brain working in harmony.

Your relationship with numbers will change slightly, especially with the number 9. You will also find your experience of the passage of time will subtly alter and remember of course that it’s the thought that ‘counts’.

This short video is a sample from over 6 hours of mind opening multimedia resources in the Living Timefully self study program.

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7 Antidotes to Blue Monday

sunFormula333It’s theorised that the so-called “Blue Monday” is the most depressing day of the year. It was originally part of a marketing campaign by Sky Travel to get people to buy a holiday, so has to be taken with a pinch of salt. It even has a dubious formula that factors in the arrival of a credit card bill post the Christmas spend.

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Whether it’s science, pseudoscience or just a marketing gimmick, Mondays can tend to be a bit depressing as people slog back into work. So for Blue Monday, and any Monday, here’s seven antidotes to turn that ‘formula’ on it’s head.

Antidote 1: Cut yourself some slack

Put off something you think has to be done today until tomorrow, or next week. You might find a better way to do it or that it didn’t even need to be done at all.
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Antidote 2: Perform a random act of kindness

Do something random that takes you no more than a minute but that really makes someone’s day, or week. Watch how random acts of kindness come back doubled, and from another source, when you’re least expecting them.
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penguinAntidote 3: Make someone smile

Smile at a stranger or let someone out in traffic. Or send send someone something online to make them laugh.
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Antidote 4: Forgive someone

Let the anger go concerning someone who crossed you. The older the grudge, the better it is to let go of. You can even forgive yourself for something you regretted doing too.
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Antidote 5: Give yourself a treat

Spoil yourself and buy something to cheer yourself up. Or just get away from your desk and go for a walk at lunchtime
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Antidote 6: Get back in touch with an old friend

Re-make that connection with someone you’ve been meaning to call for ages. You might even inspire them to do the same to someone else. What goes around comes around.
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Antidote 7: Give yourself some of Me Time

Listen to my Be Calm meditation for just 10 minutes and let the blues fall away

7 Keys to Living Timefully

Would you like to get more done in 2015 than 2014? Here’s how timefulness is becoming the new mindfulness and slowing down is the new speeding up.


Key 1: Meditate daily

It is thought that every minute spent in the meditative state, gets added back to our lives. We either save any time spent by having a better day or add a minute to our longevity. When we learn to enter the meditative state with our eyes open, time bends and stretches so we get more done in less time.

Key 2: Make a date with your Creative Self

Each and every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, a date with our Creative Self is like a supercharge for the mind, body and soul. We might write ‘morning pages’, pick up a guitar and strum or visit an art gallery. Just going for a walk in the park and imagining the most amazing future counts too.

Key 3: Trust your gut & follow your heart

Our head ‘shouts’ quite loudly. So much so that sometimes the signals from our gut and heart get overlooked and overruled. So, for each decision you have to make, ask your gut for a Yes or a No. Next ask your heart if it is cold, luke warm or boiling hot about it. If your gut and heart give you the green light, proceed with gusto. If not, ask them what would have to change in order to get their blessing.

Key 4: Create a To Love List

It’s said when we love the work we do, we never work as such again. So ditch your To Do list and start a To Love list. At the top, put the thungs you love to do first and tackle your list from the top down. If there are things on there you don’t like doing so much, either outsource them or be creative about how you could love doing them.

Key 5: Sync with natural time

Our modern calendar has caused us to fall out of sync with natural time. Our creativity waxes and wanes wity the seasons, the phase of the Moon and the hours in each day. When we discover our naturally creative times, we go with the flow and stop pushing water up a temporal hill.

Key 6: Be thankful

At the end of each day, either in a journal or just in your head as it hits the pillow, reflect on the highlights of your day. As you drop off into slumber, say one last ‘Thank You’ for the day to your bed for giving you a good night’s sleep.

Key 7: Perform a Random Act of Kindness

When we get into the habit of performing a random of kindness to a stranger each day, something rather magical happens. Other people, who weren’t aware of our act or the recipient of our act, perform similar kindnesses to us. The ratio of kindnesses is more than two bestowed back on us for everyone we give out. The result is massive time saving.

Living Timefully

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