The Metrics of Consciousness

Richard Barrett, author, a free thinker and the founder and chairman of the Barrett Values Centre explains the value in measuring consciousness.

“Values unite and beliefs separate”

Topics we explore:

  • The Value of Values
Mapping and tracking values at national level
  • Measuring cultural entropy
  • Consciousness the new raw material of the knowledge economy
  • The stages of evolution of consciousness
  • Expanding consciousness vertically and horizontally
  • The scaling of consciousness
  • Values in education
  • Resolving conflict by eliciting values
  • The next level of consciousness

Useful Links

The Values Centre
Richard Barrett’s web site
Take your free Personal Values Assessment here

Heart-full Living : my chakra awakening program

Literally Literary London

Nick HenneganTheatre producer, podcaster and radio host, Nick Hennegan, tells of his journey to the bright lights of the West End from humble beginnings in Birmingham.

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Show Links

Nick Hennegan’s main web site

UK Podcasters

Maverick Theatre Company

The London Literary Pub Crawl

BRMB now Free Radio Birmingham


Webber Douglas Drama School

Fitzroy Tavern

Coach and Horses, Soho

… and here’s my conversation with Nick on Literary London on ResonanaceFM

Literary London – 19th June 2015 by Resonance Fm on Mixcloud

The Power of the Podcast

PodcasterI’ve been podcasting, with my own show, for a year and a half now. While there have been times when I’ve harboured doubt and wondered if it’s worth the time and commitment it takes, more recently I have come to realise it’s the best networking I’ve ever done.

My top reasons why it works so well for me:

  • I can do it from my home office
  • I do it when it suits me
  • It gives international reach with no need to travel
  • Podcasts have a long shelf life
  • Podcasts can be embedded anywhere (see four different examples below)
  • Worldwide syndication is a breeze
  • It opens doors and generates serendipities that blow your mind …

… and if you want an example of this last reason, check out this series of podcasts

This first podcast with Stephen Campbell on The Author Biz recorded in May this year …

… lead directly to this podcast recorded in June with Tori Eldridge on The Zone Show

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… which then lead directly to this podcast broadcast in July on Empowered Living Radio

… and, a a podcasting footnote, this is the book I wrote 10 years ago that acted as the trigger to bring me to this special and magic point in my life

The How & Why of Mindfulness Meditation

This week’s guest on the Zone Show is Zen Master, author and musician, Joseph Emet.

Jospeh shares his wisdom, and his meditative songs, on the how and why of mindfulness meditation.

Be prepared to be slightly more chilled out at the end of this podcast than at the start..

Topics we chat about :

  • Why we should fill our days with music
  • How to sculpt a different outcome for ourselves
  • Why we should be mindful as opposed to brainful
  • Why mindfulness is conducive to happiness
  • The importance of the breath – and a smile
  • How meditation helps us heal – and not get ill in the first place
  • Meditation for creativity
  • Why all it takes is 10 mindful minutes a day (as recommended by Goldie Hawn)
  • The collective benefit of getting the whole planet meditating
  • How we get the time we invest in meditation back many times over

“Thinking is the brain talking : meditation is the brain listening” Joseph Emet

Useful Links

Joseph Emet’s web site
Buddha’s Book of Meditation – with free meditations & songs
Julia Cameron : Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance
Thich Nhat Hanh & Plum Village
Goldie Hawn’s 10 Mindful Minutes
Get my free 10 minute Be Calm meditation