Plasmatic Effervescence

Plasmatic Effervescence


The Cycles of Life

So this week was the first moonth in many years that I missed publishing a blog on the New Moon. This is just a couple of days late.

There is no particular reason but that I forgot but that I forgot as external events overtook my usual rhythm of creative production.

I had to take a few days out last week at the funeral of an old friend from University. He had been dying for sometime and he very bravely and candidly wrote about it. Actually with the slightest nudge from me, he produced three books of philosophy and poetry in his last two years of life. They are linked from the images above, all thoughts from a dying tosser.

I had the honour of being able to read one out at his funeral and I share one with you here which is the only one I managed to get him to record.

So this mindfully short blog is dedicated to my good and old friend, Nick John Kyneston Bushell – may your light shine brightly from Above and may you come back down to the Below soon.