Applications of the Pineal Ray

Just as for our heart, each of our chakra points has a ray associated with it. These rays are bi-directional so they receive and transmit. They can be directed anywhere in time and space and focused, softened or strengthened.

From our Third Eye, in the centre of our brain, emanates a subtle and often dormant ray called the Pineal Ray. When it is activated, we become claircogniscent – that is we can ‘know’ things that we don’t know. Just as for the Heart Ray, the Pineal Ray can be pointed in any direction as below.


Application 1 : Extracting information from objects
You can point the Pineal Ray at any object and extract information from it. Note that if you use it on a person, you should obtain their permission. The object can be in front of you or be imagined at any time in the past, present or future.

Application 2 : Channelling
If you want information of a more abstract kind, like what is the nature of dark matter or the title of your next blog, you just point it upwards through your crown and alpha chakra.

Application 3 : Extracting information from the past
To obtain wisdom about past events, and their significance in the presence, just point your Pineal Ray out of the back of your head.

Application 4 : Tapping into Intuition
The Pineal Ray can be used internally to interrogate and consult with our inner mind centres such as our heart and gut. We can take their council on decisions. You can also consult with the Earth Mind as to the ecology of actions by directing the ray right through your root and omega chakras.

Living HeartfullyHeart-full Living

The Heart-full Living course has now been augmented to include a pineal ray activation. So if you want to explore this amazing super-sensibility yourself, you can.

As well as activating your Pineal Ray, you will also open up your inner mind centres, unify your chakras and enhance your Inner-Sight.

What’s more, for every person who invests in this programme will fund eye surgery for someone in the developing world. To find out why and how, read this blog …

Cataracts of the Third Eye

… and get Heart-full Living today

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Applications of the Heart Ray

Applications of the Heart Ray

activate_heartfullSeveral hundred thousands of years ago, humankind went through a magical stage in their evolution. They got ‘The Word’ and became self-aware. The acquisition of self-awareness may have been gradual, or overnight, as such subtle transitions leave no fossil record. All we know now is that humankind is able to think … and talk about what they are thinking.

Nowadays of course, we don’t give this amazing ability much thought. From when we awaken in the morning until when we fall asleep at night, our brains enter into automatic self-talk commenting internally about the world around us. Now and again we says our thoughts out loud. What we are doing is taking control of our fifth chakra point (our throat) from our sixth chakra point (our Third Eye).

We are just about to go through a new phase in our evolution which I first read about in a book by Rudolph Steiner called How to Know the Higher Worlds. We are on the cusp of taking our lower chakra points – starting with our heart.

Activate Your Heart RayActivating the Heart Ray
All our chakra points are generators and receivers of energy and a powerful vortex emanates from our heart centre that we can use to effect change in the material plane. Here’s a few things you can do with it :

1. Attract your soulmate
2. Soften tense situations – you can even do this ahead of time
3. Moving objects by remote – I haven’t done this but some of my clients have
4. Attract a life of your dreams
5. Heal

This latter application is perhaps one of the most profound. We can not only heal people in person but also remotely and even backwards and forwards in time. Healing the past has instant ramifications in the present for long standing and persistent dis-ease.

My most bizarre personal experience of its use was healing two budgies over Skype in Canada (I live in the UK).

Just in case you think I have gone slightly bonkers, here’s a case study from someone else who learned to use their Heart Ray.

“My mom is 87 years old. A year ago she was inflicted with huge amounts of pain running down her left leg from her hip to her toes. This pain was debilitating both in standing and walking and the only respite she had was when she was semi-lying down ie feet up. She found it really difficult to get around on her own and began to isolate herself, her world became very small as she was unwilling to go out and socialise. My mom is a ‘party animal’ and loves being around people and being interactive. So this demise affected her emotionally and mentally and she became sad / depressed and anxious.”

“I learned from Tom this amazing technique using our heart and the energy from the heart to heal situations, events and people. I was keen to use it and started to use the heart ray meditation every day sending this energy to my mom. I imagined her well – i.e. walking, laughing and standing up. Nothing changed for a while but I persevered and continued to send this energy to her every day. In February this year, she told me that for whatever reason, which she cannot understand, she felt a lot better and in fact could ‘suddenly’ walk without feeling the pain. I know that it was the work of the heart ray and I can only thank Tom with my biggest heart ray in affording me this knowledge and the light that he shines on this planet.”.

Elvira Villarini – Hampshire, UK

Living HeartfullyHeart-full Living
If you want to activate your heart ray and explore this amazing super-sensibility yourself, you can. It’s included as a part of my Heart-full Living course, along with two example visualisations to help attract your soulmate and to help soften tense situations.

As well as activating your Heart Ray, you will also open up your inner mind centres, unify your chakras and enhance your Inner-Sight.

What’s more, for every person who invests in this programme will fund eye surgery for someone in the developing world. To find out why and how, read this blog …

Cataracts of the Third Eye

… and get Heart-full Living today

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Applications of the Pineal Ray

Anatomy of a Light Bulb Moment

When we meet people we’ve not seen for a while, we often ask “What’s new?”. If you get confronted with this question when not expecting it, you can get caught of guard, end up scratching your head and might even feel compelled to make something up.

On ‘slow news days’, you can imagine journalists do not have a good time and some have even been known to make up ‘news’. I love it when breakfast TV reports what is ‘new’ in the newspapers. At the same time, morning papers talk about what is ‘new’ on TV. This cycle feeds itself. We all know this is all not really ‘news’ at all, even though it’s on the News and in the News-papers.

You’ve also heard that phrase – “There’s nothing new under the Sun”.

So is it possible that anything is actually new? Now having a dig at journalists is not the point here – they have a job to do and provide a service many people want to consume. The point is for something to be really new, it has to possess some important characteristics.

Firstly, it only has to be new to us. You might know something that’s quite ‘old’ that I don’t and when you share it with me, it’s news to me. I may thank you and pass it on if I think it’s newsworthy.

Secondly, it might be something that has occurred for the first time. This could be some permutation that causes us to take notice. All too often, our news reports focus on ‘bad news’ only offering a token ‘And finally …’ good news snippet at the end. What a breath of fresh air a ‘good news only’ news broadcast would be.

Thirdly is the class of news I personally find the most exciting and fascinating and that’s when something new is discovered or invented. Here we are acting in a generative capacity fabricating something new from existing parts or conditions.

When you are involved with ‘bringing in the new’ in this manner, and on a regular basis, it has an amazing affect on your health and well being. Being in an environment where renewal is the order of the day causes our brains to continually rewire and keeps our mind active. In turn, this active mind renews our body.

What makes generation of this type of news even more attractive to workers of light is that the two practices that encourage this type of ‘newness’ are meditation and respiration.

Meditation sets up the perfect conditions for light bulb moments to occur. A still mind allows ‘the new’ to arrive. In the converse situation, the same thinking delivers the same ‘old’ results. Fresh thinking leads to a fresh mind and a fresh body.

The fuel to encourage the introduction of such fresh thought is specifically delivered during the in-spiration phase of the re-spiration process. The hyphenation is not only intentional but provides some elucidation as to what is occurring.

As neurons do not have internal reserves for oxygen, more neuronal activity requires more oxygen to be delivered rapidly through the blood stream. Conventional wisdom suggests that more neuronal activity creates more connections and the likelihood of a ‘new’ connection being forged increases as a result. So deeper breathing while meditating causes more interconnectivity in the brain.

Now this might well be ‘news’ to you but I had the light bulb moment that it might be fun to use this technique to channel in what really goes on during this process. This was the result.

When you move your diaphragm, your spiritual muscle, it pump primes your pranic tube. This in turn stimulates your main chakra centres and a massive amount of intercommunication ensues. Initially this is mainly between your gut, heart and third eye.

After a few minutes, the pranic force seeps outside your physical body. Via your omega chakra, a few inches below your root chakra point, your prana seeps into Mother Earth and informs her you are ready to receive.

A microsecond later, it rises past your crown to your alpha chakra point just above your head. At this time, you become the pivot point between the superconsciousness and Lady Gaia – your heart being at the very centre.

If at that time, you are internally silent, information transfer occurs. It seems to happen outside time and inside space. Every neuron in your brain lights up and you experience the beginning of a light bulb moment. The process is not yet complete.

The information is passed to Mother Earth who checks it is safe and timely for you to receive it. It then passes into your gut centre for further ‘internal quality assurance’. Your gut then passes it to your heart centre so you can fall in love with the idea.

Finally, it returns to your third eye and is allowed to enter your outer cortex and your consciousness and you get a ‘new idea’. In real time, less than a second has elapsed. Yet, as all your ‘minds’ are in agreement, you know you have to act on this ‘news’ – it just feels right.

Your throat chakra might even get it on the act and shout “Eureka”!

Now I am hoping this mechanism for how we receive light bulb moments is ‘news’ to some of you. It certainly is to me.