Some more Moments of Light

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed about my new book by Mike Quinsey on BBS Radio last week.

Listen to it back here … and if you have a show and would like to chat with me about the book, get in touch.

Likewise, if you’ve had a light bub moment and done something about it, I am looking for inspirational people to appear on my Moments of Light show on Carl Munson’s Barefoot Broadcast.

Listen on iPad or iPhones here …

Finding your thing

Lucy WhittingtonMany of us go through life feeling we have much to offer but we somehow miss the mark. Our brilliance is not appreciated – our just rewards don’t seem to come our way.

Lucy Whittington has found her ‘thing’ and that’s to help others find theirs. I know how well what she does works as she nudged me up the ladder by quite a few notches in my thinking last year. My sights are not only much higher and my feeling of self-worth stronger but I am also much more confident and focused than ever nowadays.

Listen to my latest Moments of Light show on the Barefoot Broadcast to hear how you too can go about ‘finding your thing’ and fulfilling your destiny delivering what you were born to do.

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