Applications of the Heart Ray

activate_heartfullSeveral hundred thousands of years ago, humankind went through a magical stage in their evolution. They got ‘The Word’ and became self-aware. The acquisition of self-awareness may have been gradual, or overnight, as such subtle transitions leave no fossil record. All we know now is that humankind is able to think … and talk about what they are thinking.

Nowadays of course, we don’t give this amazing ability much thought. From when we awaken in the morning until when we fall asleep at night, our brains enter into automatic self-talk commenting internally about the world around us. Now and again we says our thoughts out loud. What we are doing is taking control of our fifth chakra point (our throat) from our sixth chakra point (our Third Eye).

We are just about to go through a new phase in our evolution which I first read about in a book by Rudolph Steiner called How to Know the Higher Worlds. We are on the cusp of taking our lower chakra points – starting with our heart.

Activate Your Heart RayActivating the Heart Ray
All our chakra points are generators and receivers of energy and a powerful vortex emanates from our heart centre that we can use to effect change in the material plane. Here’s a few things you can do with it :

1. Attract your soulmate
2. Soften tense situations – you can even do this ahead of time
3. Moving objects by remote – I haven’t done this but some of my clients have
4. Attract a life of your dreams
5. Heal

This latter application is perhaps one of the most profound. We can not only heal people in person but also remotely and even backwards and forwards in time. Healing the past has instant ramifications in the present for long standing and persistent dis-ease.

My most bizarre personal experience of its use was healing two budgies over Skype in Canada (I live in the UK).

Just in case you think I have gone slightly bonkers, here’s a case study from someone else who learned to use their Heart Ray.

“My mom is 87 years old. A year ago she was inflicted with huge amounts of pain running down her left leg from her hip to her toes. This pain was debilitating both in standing and walking and the only respite she had was when she was semi-lying down ie feet up. She found it really difficult to get around on her own and began to isolate herself, her world became very small as she was unwilling to go out and socialise. My mom is a ‘party animal’ and loves being around people and being interactive. So this demise affected her emotionally and mentally and she became sad / depressed and anxious.”

“I learned from Tom this amazing technique using our heart and the energy from the heart to heal situations, events and people. I was keen to use it and started to use the heart ray meditation every day sending this energy to my mom. I imagined her well – i.e. walking, laughing and standing up. Nothing changed for a while but I persevered and continued to send this energy to her every day. In February this year, she told me that for whatever reason, which she cannot understand, she felt a lot better and in fact could ‘suddenly’ walk without feeling the pain. I know that it was the work of the heart ray and I can only thank Tom with my biggest heart ray in affording me this knowledge and the light that he shines on this planet.”.

Elvira Villarini – Hampshire, UK

Living HeartfullyHeart-full Living
If you want to activate your heart ray and explore this amazing super-sensibility yourself, you can. It’s included as a part of my Heart-full Living course, along with two example visualisations to help attract your soulmate and to help soften tense situations.

As well as activating your Heart Ray, you will also open up your inner mind centres, unify your chakras and enhance your Inner-Sight.

What’s more, for every person who invests in this programme will fund eye surgery for someone in the developing world. To find out why and how, read this blog …

Cataracts of the Third Eye

… and get Heart-full Living today

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The Metrics of Consciousness

Richard Barrett, author, a free thinker and the founder and chairman of the Barrett Values Centre explains the value in measuring consciousness.

“Values unite and beliefs separate”

Topics we explore:

  • The Value of Values
Mapping and tracking values at national level
  • Measuring cultural entropy
  • Consciousness the new raw material of the knowledge economy
  • The stages of evolution of consciousness
  • Expanding consciousness vertically and horizontally
  • The scaling of consciousness
  • Values in education
  • Resolving conflict by eliciting values
  • The next level of consciousness

Useful Links

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Heart-full Living : my chakra awakening program

Clocks of Money

Clocks of MoneyIf you run a business where you charge by the hour, there is a fundamental limit to your annual turnover based on your hourly rate.

Let’s say you could work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 48 weeks a year and you charge £50 an hour. If you were lucky enough to have 100% client bookings, you could earn £96,000 a year. This is not a bad level of income but you might burn out in the process.

This also leaves no time for client acquisition, any admin or even a tea break! Those that are lucky enough to have a full client diary end doing their admin and marketing in the evenings and weekends and end up becoming their own employee.

Now there are some conventional ways out of this quagmire:

  • You can outsource your admin
  • You can of course put your hourly rate up and do less hours for the same turnover
  • You can take on other consultants, train them in your methods and take a percentage of their earnings
  • You can even write a book, or design an eproduct or three, and make money while you sleep

There is though a radical and revolutionary way to get more done in less time and, as a result, become more profitable. This method is initially useful where you are billing for work commissioned by the client and not in face to face meetings. When you get confident in the techniques, I will explain how you can pull this trick off in front of a client too!

It’s a common misconception that time is fixed. If you’ve ever been in a waiting room with nothing to read, minutes can stretch into seeming hours. Conversely busy weekends can fly by and Monday come around all too soon.

What and how we think directly affects the perceived passage of time. Spend time fretting about the past or worrying about the future and you will at least half your efficiency and output right now.

On the other hand, when you ’get in the zone’ however, you can double, triple or quadruple your output. So, rather than increasing your hourly rate, you can keep it the same but more of the same work in less time. The client will be happy too, not least as the quality of the work we do when we are focussed increases several-fold.

The secrets of how to pull off this magical feat are revealed in Living Timefully, a revolutionary time management programme. This self study course turns time management on its head. Note that it’s not yet another methodology on how to better prioritise and how to manage interruptions. It shows you how you can change the speed of your thoughts so you can get more done in less time.

The proof of how it works is in tasting the pudding but just imagine if it’s true, how could you use possibly use this in face to face interactions?

When you learn the simple mindfulness techniques, something amazing happens when you switch your internal time clock, the ’clocks’ of people around you also switch to match yours. So, for example, if you have a non-chargeable sales or project scoping meeting, you can reach consensus in half the time. This way you can get back to billing work more quickly.

When you are in a chargeable session with a client they get more from the session and feel they get great value from you. They value their time too so your seeming efficiency, focus and clarity gives you an edge over your competitors. You might even consider putting your rates up when the inevitable testimonials come flying in.

So what are you waiting for? As for planting a tree, the best time to start creating more time is yesterday. The second best time is today!

Create as much time as you need and get more done

Mindfulness-based Time Management

Where Do Ideas Actually Come From?

Incredible advances in understanding how our brains work have been made by neuroscientists, yet the place where our consciousness is generated and our mind resides proves elusive. It’s a good guess is that it’s only proving tricky to find because people are looking in totally the wrong place.

So when it comes to finding the source of something even more ethereal such as an idea, where do you even start looking? Even an expensive MRI scanner won’t help you here as it measures the brain state after a thought has occurred. Apart from anything else, you might not have an MRI scanner handy when that idea comes along as they tend to be random in nature.

Bring in the Thought Detectives
To find the source of ideas, we have become sleuths. The first clues to pick up on can be found in our language.
It is no accident that we say things like, “Off the top of my head” and “At the back of my mind”. When something is on “the tip of my tongue”, it well be exactly where it is at that moment in time.

If you observe people when they talk, the position of their hands gives much away too. Sometimes people reach above their heads as if they are pulling an idea out of the ether. They will pat the centre of their chest if they feel passionate about something.

It turns out that thoughts exhibit properties similar, but different, to electromagnetic waves. The quantum physicists, neuroscientists and the mystics (and crackpots) are all converging on the same type of somewhat preposterous conclusion. It looks like our three space and one time dimensions sit on top of a number of other dimensions that, accordingly, sit outside space and time. Furthermore, it is in these ethereal realms that thoughts propagate from the present, past and future.

So it seems that the latest theories in cosmology are somewhat converging with those on consciousness. These theories could explain things like your dog knowing you are coming home or that you know the phone is about to ring and who is going to be on the other end of it. Da Vinci may well have had the prescience to invent the helicopter and parachute by using a similar mechanism.

Water, Water Everywhere
A similar mystery exists around where ideas and thoughts go once we had them. The search for the location of our memory in our brains has proved fruitless.

Some further illumination into this conundrum can be had from the phrase, “I can feel it in my water”. Many people I spoke to when researching my book on light bulb moments testified that they got their ideas when in the shower or when out walking near a river or waterfall.

It is also reported that people who have had transplants of organs like the heart, lung and kidney exhibit personality changes and can even pick up memories from the donor.
It appears that the water in our cells is not just to stop us drying out. The Japanese author Masaru Emoto has done many experiments with water that show its state changes with the mood and emotions of people around it.

Nothing New Under the Sun
For some readers, some of this might sound bonkers and for others, it may nothing new you may have heard bits or all of it elsewhere. Well it appears that much of what we are re-discovering was known and accepted by the ancient Greeks and civilizations that predated them by thousands of years.

There may be a benefit to those who suspend their belief and accept that some of this might be true, even if it’s not been quite ratified and embraced by the left-brained scientific community. If you accept the notion that thoughts might come from outside our brains from a collective thought pool, we must then ask the question of why we just picked up on a specific thought at a specific time.

After all, if this is all true, there’s a near infinity of thoughts bouncing around in the cracks between our neurons.
If these specific ethereal whispers are filtering through to your conscious awareness, perhaps it’s important that you pay attention to them. What’s more, as they only occur in the space between your thoughts and if you want more of them, it may pay great dividends to attend that meditation or yoga class.

Light Bulb Moments for Authors

A wonderful and eclectic chat with the inspirational Julia McCutchen from IACCW on how authors can use light bulb moments in their work …

Topics covered :

Where do light bulb moments come from?
What blocks light bulb moments?
How to use your whole brain and whole mind
The beauty and power of Mapping Your Mind
The importance of meditation and the breath in ideas generation
iPad and iPhone users – listen here


To find out more about Julia and her work, visit the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers

and note that I also chatted to book designer extraordinaire, Joel Friedlander, on the same subject earlier this year